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Huellas 1.7 Comer para vivir

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF
45 Pages

The "food unit" has long been a part of the world language curriculum. This unit is designed to introduce Spanish students to the UN Sustainable Development goal of Zero Hunger. Through a discussion of different dietary needs, food insecurity, and even favorite foods, students dig deeper into the idea of nutrition and hunger around the world.

This unit of study is unit 1.7 of Somewhere to Share's Huellas curriculum for Intermediate students. It can also be used as a stand-alone unit.

This product contains:

  • Ojalá que llueva café- Song of the week
  • Vocabulary list and Grammar Targets
  • Face to Face and Remote Plans
  • Discussion Questions
  • Centers
  • A week of groceries around the world
  • Article: Most Addictive Food
  • Article: Food Insecurity
  • Final Assessment
  • I love the Huellas units and how they use real world issues to improve learning Spanish in a comprehensible way. ¡Gracias!

    Olivia B
  • I loved this resource because it had really great discussion questions and resources to investigate. Students were engaged.

    Hannah I
  • Thorough, well-prepared unit! I appreciate the variety and adaptability for different levels of students. The center activities can be used over different days if that fits your schedule better, and I like the range of activities that allow for student input and low-risk output. Great value at this price. Serves the purpose I need this semester, and gives me options for the future. 

    Storybook SLP
  • This is such a great resource for my upper levels, I will continue to buy more!

    Professor Rey
  • Thank you!! I appreciate the time put into helping other teachers to create engaging resources!

    Bilingual Crew

Huellas 1.7 Comer para vivir


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