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Huellas 1 Units 11-15

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners 

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Bundle of 5 products
Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF

From fully planned units to adaptations for students who are absent or remote, this five unit bundle is perfect for upper-level Spanish teachers who have already used the first 10 units of the Huellas 1 Curriculum OR teachers who are interested in digging into topics that help create global citizens in the classroom.

These 5 units offer teachers a great deal of flexibility with timing, grammatical focus, extending vocabulary, and includes both remote and face to face plans. In these units, teachers will find vocabulary, grammar, music, movie talks, and cultural studies, we hope that our lessons meet the needs of your upper level students!

  • All of these units are excellent! I find them super interesting and learn a lot in the process, and my students love the short duration and learning about something "else" in Spanish class. They are a great "break" between reading novels together, and I feel like we all come away with a little something "extra"! Very well thought out and organized, all the activities are accessible and doable. Great lesson plans and everything is so well done! Thank you for this resource!

    Poco a poco espanol
  • I am constantly impressed with all the work and detail that goes into all of these units. They are engaging and the students enjoy all aspects of them. Awesome! 

    Patricia D.
  • These lessons were some of my students favorites at the end of the year! Great topics for conversation and discussion. Thank you again for all your wonderful resources!! 

    Jennifer F.
  • These units are well thought out and get to the deeper conversation topics. I appreciate the work that went into organizing these for us to use.

    Stacey V.
  • My students and I LOVED the Haz que dure unit. We have learned so much about clothes! This is MORE than learning Spanish. It is learning about life!

    Sandra A.

Huellas 1 Units 11-15

$85.00 $92.00
$85.00 $92.00

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