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The Buffet | Running Dictation

Running dictation featuring food vocabulary in English. 

English (ELL/ESL/ELD)
Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
1-2 Days

Your food unit will never be the same!

This resource will provide you with an easy to implement, acquisition-focused lesson to drop into any textbook unit. Students will learn food vocabulary with the high frequency verb "there is/there are", "I like", and "serves" as they work in teams to complete an Information Gap-style Running Dictation.

After reviewing the correct answers, the teacher reveals that the food they see on the buffet is not what they get served! The teacher leads the class in a Picture Talk sequence to discover what kind of twisted dish they are served.

The materials are stored in a Google Drive folder that is accessed via a clickable link in the product download.

The Buffet | Running Dictation


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