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The Somos Curriculum | NOVICE

Somos 1 is a Proficiency-oriented, Comprehension-based curriculum for Novice learners of Spanish

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Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
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Grades 6-12

The Somos Curriculum® is an acclaimed Proficiency-oriented, Comprehension-based Novice Spanish curriculum for Spanish 1 and 2.

The Somos Curriculum for Novice Spanish makes teaching for proficiency easy. With step-by-step daily lesson plans, student printables, assessments, slideshows, and detailed learning objectives and alignments to national standards, The Somos Curriculum provides everything a teacher needs to fill 2 years of daily Spanish classes (50 minute periods) if you teach all lessons.

This Spanish Curriculum is a communicative curriculum focused on building linguistic proficiency and interculturality through exposure to contextualized, comprehensible input. Every unit has a unique cultural focus that provides a window into products, practices, and perspectives in diverse Spanish-speaking communities around the world. Watch our overview video here »

It is no surprise that thousands of teachers around the world are using and recommending the Somos Spanish Curriculum to teach Spanish!


  • Aligned to national standards 
  • Communicative focus
  • Authentic resources
  • Grammar in Context
  • Step-by-step, flexible lesson plans
  • Performance assessments


Each unit in the curriculum works with a specific set of Core Vocabulary words. These words are used extensively in communicative contexts throughout the unit, and they continue to spiral into use throughout all subsequent units.


If you are wondering which of your classes is best suited for Somos 1, please read this article for advice!

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The Somos Curriculum can be purchased individually, in bundles, or as a complete set. To view all the options click here

The Somos Curriculum® is a registered trademark of The Comprehensible Classroom.

  • Almost in tears (of joy) the first week I used this curriculum. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and burnt out after my first semester of teaching and stumbled across this curriculum. I was hesitant to try it, because it sounded a little too "cheesy" and goofy, and I have a group of students that have the tendency to be fairly apathetic toward learning. I couldn't be happier that I took the risk with this curriculum. It's entirely different than what I was using before, and has made planning, teaching, and assessing so much simpler. Additionally, my kids have FUN with it. ADDITIONALLY, they are creating with the language so much faster than any student I had the previous semester! They absolutely love it, and I feel like my personality can come through while teaching. Excited to continue using this curriculum.

    Julia Hecht
  • I just bought this curriculum and started using it immediately with my Spanish 1 class. I took the challenge to go "rogue" leaving the pieced together curriculum my school has been using and am so glad I did. My students are much more engaged, and I feel like they are learning so much more. I decided to try Somos with my Spanish 1 class, while teaching the "traditional way" in my Spanish 2 class and find myself wanting to switch over to Somos in Spanish 2. I love how each day is outlined and all of the different CI that my students are receiving. The slides are great and the variety of activities keeps the students engaged. Thank you so much for this resource. I am wanting to add the Somos Flex, too.

    Staci B.
  • I have been wanting to switch to using CI, so I purchased this at the end of the year and did the first unit to see how kids responded to it. My students learned fast and even my "coolest" 8th graders surprised me as they love to sing Los Pollitos Dicen! I now am implementing the entire curriculum in my school. I love that there are power points with daily instructions so I don't have to create my own!

    Kelly P.
  • Love this curriculum! It’s engaging enough for my sixth graders and I appreciate the cultural aspects it delivers as well.

    Stephanie M.
  • Somos has been a game changer in my classroom. My students are engaged every day and they love the lessons, activities, and games. The curriculum begins to build their confidence from Day 1. Everything is complete and ready for the teacher! 

    The Spanish Saylor
  • My students loved the material. Each unit had a memorable story and/or a song that students would remember for weeks! Also, the small amount of target vocabulary used is not threatening to students, specifically to those with special needs. As a teacher who had to start a new district in the middle of the year, these resources saved my life! It saved me from spending hours planning and gathering information, and it also gave me the tools I needed to write lesson plans super fast and easily. I believe that SOMOS 1 it is an engaging and meaningful way to introduce the target language to our Novice students and I would highly recommended to those teaching the language. GRACIAS Martina!

    Camila del Castillo
  • Last year I attempted to add CI and TPRS to traditional textbook learning. I needed a more structured approach as I threw in far too much new vocab without scaffolding. This curriculum gives much better structure to the TPRS, CI process. I love it!

    Heidi H.
  • I came across Somos 1 a few months ago and decided to try it in my 7th and 8th grade classes. I didn't start from the beginning but I used the material from a few units that fitted my school curriculum at that time. I love the detailed lesson plans, guidance and materials. It is very specific and saved me and incredible amount of planning time! My students were engaged in the lessons and enjoyed the material. I am planning on supplementing the original curriculum with the Flex curriculum for next year and start the Somos program with my classes in September. Thank you so much for this resource!!

    Fernanda V.
  • I have never been so in love with a Spanish curriculum. Every activity is designed well and is comprehensible to students. I love being able to use the plans without needing to create my own materials but having the flexibility to do so if I want to. Worth every penny!

    Christine T.
  • The SOMOS curriculum has literally been a lifesaver for me this school year! It is so fun and so thorough! The curriculum uses songs, stories, and really fun things to help students learn how to communicate in Spanish! I am new to CI. I just found out about CI this summer when I got hired. All the resources offered with SOMOS, like the Collab Drive, the Facebook group, Martina's blog post, Summer Fun Club... it is all SO helpful! I really enjoy what I teach, and I can see how it is working with my students! They are able to communicate instead of just memorizing vocabulary! I am so pumped about it, and I am so thankful for all the ready-resources! I just have to edit/tweak things to make them fit, instead of coming up with stuff on my own. SOMOS is a GAME CHANGER!! Highly highly recommend!!

    Emma H.
  • I'm only on unit 3 and I can already tell that this curriculum was worth every penny. So much care and thought has gone into the development of this material. The resources provided are top quality and the plans themselves are very well thought out and developed. My students love the movie talks, all the musical activities, and even the notes and daily warm ups are entertaining. If you're on the fence about getting this, do it! It's worth every penny and is much better quality and much more comprehensive than most of the other Spanish curriculums I've looked at. I highly recommend Señora Bex's materials to everyone!

    Dennis J.
  • Great resource! I jumped in with both feet this year - total comprehensible input. I have used a textbook series for the last 24 years I attended 2 "TPRS" workshops 10 years ago, and was worried about making the switch to CI. I am SO GLAD I did! Somos is easy to use. TRUST the process - It's liberating! Cool teaching moment recently: I asked a student why he used a word and he said, "It just sounded right." That never would have happened with the textbook series. Kids are speaking (still making mistakes), but they're not afraid to speak. They think in Spanish and it's natural. Highly recommend! And - join the Somos facebook group!

    Kelly W.
  • My students were engaged and speaking, reading, writing in Spanish for the first time. They used to hate Spanish, but now they love it. I see growth and fluency going higher. 

    Rafael G.
  • I love using Somos in my classroom! It makes my job so much easier with already made plans, slides, and student work. It is also so easy to modify to fit students' needs. We especially enjoy the songs and silly stories.

    Adrianna S.
  • This curriculum is so engaging. My students love that they are using the language instead of just memorizing vocabulary and completing conjugation charts. They also enjoy all the cultural elements. Thank you!

    Sara R.

The Somos Curriculum | NOVICE

$400.00 $542.00
$400.00 $542.00

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