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Matamoscas | TPR Vocabulary

Sentence Flyswatter Game for Spanish Class

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24 Pages

The Flyswatter Game is a favorite way for language teachers to get students up and moving, and this game pack featuring verbs that are easily introduced with TPR, like se sienta, se levanta, corre, and camina! The game vocabulary aligns with Somos 1 Unit 6 (a free unit!).

Each game slide depicts TWO different scenes. Players from two teams listen as the teacher reads aloud a description of ONE of the scenes from their teacher script, then they race to swat the correct image first. First player to make the correct hit wins a point for their team!


  • 21 game slides
  • Instructions
  • Teacher script


  • se levanta
  • se sienta
  • camina
  • corre


  • Glad to have this as an update to the original flyswatter game I've been playing at the board with my students for decades. It is convenient as I travel from room to room, but is a game the kids can get up and move for instead of being glued to devices. They loved it

    Madame Potter
  • Students love the game. Very easy to use. Worth every penny.

    Evelin K.
  • My middle schoolers love this resource. Thanks for creating such an engaging resource!

    Stephanie M.
  • My students loved this activity! They like having the chance to compete and move!

    Laura Shible
  • My students love playing Matamoscas! They get very competitive and it keeps everyone engaged throughout the activity.

    Melanie's History and Spanish Projects

Matamoscas | TPR Vocabulary


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