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Uno se tiene que ir discussion prompts La comida 9350409 1 Uno se tiene que ir Product Cover One has to go Uno se tiene que ir Product Cover One has to go 1 Uno se tiene que ir Product Cover One has to go 2

Uno se tiene que ir | One's gotta go | Discussion prompts | La comida

A discussion-based communicative activity targeting food!

Multi level

One's gotta go! This popular discussion prompt is perfect for communicative language classes, and this no-prep resource makes it easy to start these conversations with your classes!

On each slide, students will see three food items that belong to a single category (three different fruits, three different colors, etc.). We've included 34 different food prompts! Students need to ponder the question, "If one of these were to cease to exist, which one would I choose to eliminate?". Allow your class to vote, or ask them to volunteer their choice and defend it with reasons--based on their level of linguistic proficiency.

These slides can be used as a daily warmup for class (one per day) or on a regular basis (such as every Tuesday), or many you can discuss many of the slides in a single class period. Another option would be to use single slides as brain breaks, designating three areas in your room as the different options to give students a chance to get up and move!

To make this product even more fun and versatile, we have provided dozens of different background images for the slides, allowing you to change the appearance of the slides with just a few clicks!

  • After introducing food vocabulary, I used this resource to stimulate authentic sentences in Spanish using targeted vocabulary. Students enjoyed this activity and students used their Super 7 verbs to justify which one had to go.

    Kimberly T.
  • ¡Gracias! I was able to incorporate this immediately. It was super engaging. My students loved being able to confidently express their opinions!

    Lindsey M.
  • I loved how I could adapt this from very basic (for my beginners) to an almost hands-off discussion prompt with my adults - a perfect activity in so many ways!

    Jennifer C.
  • Such a great idea and one of my students most frequently requested activities! I have to provide scaffolding/chat mats to help them stay in the target language but I love the layout, the clarity of the labels, the groupings, etc. All of my students have strong opinions and readily engage in debate using these prompts. The structure really helps them focus on using the vocabulary and pushing students for their "why" or "how" to their answer helps them incorporate higher level thinking skills. I want one for every unit I teach. 

    Jacqueline C.
  • I love using this as a hook for our food unit! Kids are so engaged and start bickering about it. I turned the slides into vote slides in peardeck so I can show the graph and it worked really well!

    K Adams

Uno se tiene que ir | One's gotta go | Discussion prompts | La comida


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