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Vamos Units 1-5 for Exploratory Spanish

The Vamos Curriculum™ is a proficiency-oriented curriculum designed for Exploratory Spanish courses. 

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Bundle of 5 products
Beginner (Level 1), Elementary, Novice (Levels 1-2)
1 semester

The Vamos Curriculum™ is a proficiency-oriented curriculum designed for Exploratory Spanish courses. As an Exploratory curriculum, Vamos has three primary objectives:

  1. development of linguistic proficiency
  2. exposure to products, practices, and perspectives from a range of Spanish speaking communities
  3. fostering interest in continuing language study

Unit 1: Chocolate

  • Core Verbs: es, le gusta, prefiere, dice
  • Featured Country: Mexico
  • Cultural Focus: Chocolate's origin in Aztec culture

Unit 2: Faroles

  • Core Verbs: hace, tiene, son, niños
  • Featured Country: Costa Rica
  • Cultural Focus: El Desfile de Faroles in Costa Rica (an Independence Day parade)

Unit 3: Papas

  • Core Verbs: hay
  • Recycled vocabulary: tiene, son, prefiere, le gusta, ¿Qué es esto?, niños
  • Featured Country: Perú
  • Cultural Focus: Perú's biodiversity

Unit 4: Barriletes

  • Core Verbs: puede (ver), va, vive
  • Featured Country: Guatemala
  • Cultural Focus: El festival de los barriletes gigantes

Unit 5: El dominó

  • Core Verbs: necesita, habla, juega
  • Featured Country: Cuba
  • Cultural Focus: El dominó

PLEASE NOTE: Vamos units can be purchased individually or the 1-5 Units Bundle. The Complete Curriculum bundle will include all individual units. Regretfully, we cannot accommodate refunds or exchanges for teachers that begin purchasing Vamos unit by unit or in small bundles and later choose to purchase the whole curriculum. 
Vamos Curriculum Scope and Sequence: 

  • I'm so excited that SOMOS created a curriculum for the exploratory level! I start using SOMOS in 6th grade and was looking for something for my 5th graders. When I saw The Vamos Curriculum I knew I had to get it. The curriculum is easy to follow and comprehensible for the younger grades. I can't wait for more units to come!

    Emily T.
  • I am absolutely blown away with how fantastic these Units are! I love that they were created with middle schoolers in mind. We are coming to the end of this unit in my Explore classes. We have loved the discussion of animals and it was highly engaging. I love the option to extend it with more advanced classes or to keep it simple for lower level classes. We love the culture studies and leaves the door open for so much enrichment. Cannot wait for upcoming units of Vamos!

    Emily Stricklin
  • The Vamos curriculum has totally changed how I teach my fifth grade students. It is giving me the opportunity to try new games available in the SOMOS curriculum that have haven't been brave enough for yet. Bingo specifically was a huge hit for my students, but also Pencil Grab. This is the most exciting way I have reviewed calendar since second grade level. Great curriculum. 

    Stephanie M.
  • I have been waiting for something like the Vamos curriculum for years and am so thrilled that this resource exists. As a K-8 Spanish teacher, I loved Somos for my older students, but found that I struggled to find something that fit for my 4th-5th crowd. This is it! It is comprehensible, fun, and culturally relevant. I also love that many of the games/activities in Vamos are also in Somos, getting students ready for what they will experience in grades to come. My students and I are having so much fun!

    Stephanie M.
  • You all are amazing! This resource is exactly what I needed for my 4th/5th grade class. I completed days one and two, and they were completely engaged and understood the context. I teach PK-8th grade Spanish and have not yet found anything for all of the grade levels I teach that is as light on teacher prep time as your curriculum. I use Somos 6th-8th. Please continue to make awesome curriculum and curriculum supplements. I know how much time it takes to create, but as you finish Vamos, will you please consider creating things for an even younger audience? I use others that I will not mention here that work but not as well as your content. Thank you for all of your work in making CI accessible!

    Mattie B.
  • My students loved this unit. They especially loved the elimination game and learning about Barriletes. I really appreciate the variety that is included in each unit. My students come to class eager to find out what we are doing in class every day.

    Letitia Brisson
  • Excellent curriculum. My students love the activities and it keep them engaged.

    Evelin K.
  • I am so greatful for Vamos! Vamos is definitely perfect for middle school ages. 

    Maria Beltre
  • This is such an incredible curriculum for younger age groups (typical for Explore programs). I teach Exploratory Spanish for 5th and 6th grades and Spanish I/II at a high school. I am a dedicated SOMOS teacher with my high schoolers. However, I have always created my own materials for my Explore 5/6th graders since there was not curriculum out there I felt met my teaching style and met my students' needs within that age group. I am so excited to see what else Vamos puts out there. I immediately threw out my lesson plans this week when I saw this and jumped right in! My students are LOVING this Unit already and I love how MS friendly it is. Everything you need is there and it is fun and engaging to even the most "unenthusiastic" students in my class.

    Emily Stricklin
  • Just ran into a parent at our kids’ flag football game and she couldn’t stop raving about how much Spanish her child has already acquired. She said it is a breath of fresh air because he comes home everyday with something that he has learned or taken away the class. I couldn’t do it without The Vamos Curriculum!

    Amanda Schultz
  • I just started it since it was just released but I love that I can download and change pictures or phrases. Today was fun for the kids!

    Sandra A.
  • Martina and crew continually update their slides and activities. Love this unit!

    Dos gotas de español
  • My students are loving this unit and I am so happy there is finally a curriculum for exploratory Spanish. MIL GRACIAS

    La Profe Comprensible
  • Excellent! Excellent! This resource is well organized, time saver for the teachers, fun and engaging for the students. My classes are learning so much without even noticing. They loved the games and stories. Language structures are easy to get because of the repetitions. No more hard grammar lessons or vocabulary lists.

    Mireya O.
  • My students loved using this resource. Very engaging!!

    Elena López - Aprendemos juntos
  • My students loved this unit. It is very easy to get prepped for class. The activities are engaging and they learned a lot. They loved the chocolate song! I love this curriculum.

    Letitia Brisson
  • Wow! Martina always creates great materials and this one did not let me down. Easy to follow directions and activities that kept my students engaged. Thank you for creating something specifically for middle school.

    Dawn M.
  • I am SO happy I decided to purchase the VAMOS units for my 5th grade class. I start using SOMOS in 6th grade and this is the perfect step to get them prepared for the next calendar year. My students love these lessons and enjoy all the activities so much! I also really enjoy teaching them. It's a win win!

    Emily T.
  • My students loved learning about Costa Rica.  I love the diversity in the content.  It made each day super engaging and very productive. Very very pleased with this curriculum! The games are perfect for this age group.  Getting prepped for class is very easy with the lesson plans and unit at a glance.

    Letitia Brisson
  • This is a super unique aspect of Costa Rican culture. I used it with my Level 1 high school Spanish students as we introduced the super 7.

    Kimberly T.
  • My 12th grade students love these products. This is their first year opting for a Spanish 1 elective class and they all enjoy the fun games, readings, stories, and slides. Although this would typically be suited for a younger group, they find it very fun and are using their Spanish quite a bit for year one students.

    Mandy B.
  • I LOVE Vamos!! This has been such a wonderful curriculum for my middle schoolers. It's perfectly designed for their age level and attention span. Our class periods are 40 minutes and the lessons fit the time perfectly. The flow keeps the students engaged from start to finish. I've heard my kids say "Class is over already?" and "That was so fun!" more times than I can count. Other teachers (including teachers who are parents of my students) stop me in the hallway to tell me that students love my class. It's because Vamos is awesome!

    Katie L.
  • I loe the amount and variety of activities. Easy to flow and very detailed instructions. Another great set of plans.

    Tina H.
  • My students absolutely love this curriculum! As 7th graders entering the Spanish classroom for the first time, I used to spend a lot of time showing them how to use their resources, but with this curriculum and the patterns it uses, most students are able to speak in memorized phrases and experiment with mixing and matching words they learn on their own by the end of of this unit!

    Brandi Rettick
  • My students loved learning about Papas. I love the diversity in the content. It made each day super engaging and very productive. Very very pleased with this curriculum!

    Letitia Brisson

Vamos Units 1-5 for Exploratory Spanish

$140.00 $145.00
$140.00 $145.00

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