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Wildebeest MovieTalk resources | Spanish

Resources to teach a ClipChat lesson centering on the short film "Wildebeest"

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
67 Pages
3 days

This product contains resources to extend a MovieTalk lesson centering on the short film "Wildebeest" by Birdbox Studio. The slideshow is provided as a PDF and a PPT file, and each one contains four illustrated readings for the short film. The readings increase in complexity and length, and each reading is provided in both present and past tense. Placeholder slides with suggested post-reading activities for each level of the readings are included, along with links to the suggested activities.

For a complete description of how to use this slideshow, please read this blog post.

  • I appreciated the guidance that this resource provided as I am new to comprehensible input. The students are engaged with the lessons just because the story is so funny to them. 

    Michelle R.
  • Martina creates easy to use lessons with engaging concepts, attractive formatting, and most importantly, extensive ways to practice and implement the target language chunks. This mini unit is always fun because the video is new to students and has the jump scare factor! 

    Carissa N.
  • I love this because my school is small and I have Spanish 2-5 in the same class! The different levels of the reading the same story allow me to differentiate easily. Thank you!

    Kim D.
  • Such a great movie talk! I've used this resource when teaching beginning Spanish students at various ages, and it is always engaging and fun. Thank you!

    La Profe D.
  • I love this short film! The movie talk is easily comprehensible for beginning language students and the activities really allow you to pull every drop of language and practice. And I’ll never get tired of seeing the students’ reactions at the end! LOL. 

    Angela M.

Wildebeest MovieTalk resources | Spanish


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