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The Vamos Curriculum

A proficiency-oriented program for Exploratory or Middle grades Spanish courses

Launch the journey toward proficiency

Vamos is a new curriculum published by the Comprehensible Classroom for Exploratory Spanish courses. It is designed to serve as the first language curriculum to be used in your program sequence.

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Vamos is purposefully designed to meet the needs of upper elementary students, middle school students, and exploratory courses. 

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Program goals

The Vamos Curriculum has been developed to support a range of goals in hopes that it will provide every teacher with the tools they need to meet the following goals:

  • Foster interest in learning Spanish through engagement in a positive, student-centered course experience.
  • Develop linguistic proficiency implicitly through communicative, acquisition-focused activities.
  • Learn about a variety of countries, products, practices, and perspectives from the Spanish speaking world.
  • Build a foundation for Interculturality to develop through personal reflection, learning, and questioning.

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