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Partner Listening Quiz

April 1, 2011

As Carol Gaab would say, our brains crave novelty! We need new experiences to remain engaged. She shared this assessment (or something like it, at least) with us at our most recent TPRS course webinar. Divide students into pairs (working with shoulder partner is preferable). If there is an odd number, one group can have three people. Assign an A and B student in each pair by giving a random criteria (the person with the longest hair is "A", for example). In the group of three (if it exists), two students can be "A". Ask your first question. Partner A will answer the question by WHISPERING the answer to Partner B, and Partner B transcribes his or her answer. Partner A may check to make sure that the transcription is accurate. Ask the next question. Partner B will answer it, and Partner A transcribes his or her answer. Again, Partner B may check for accurate transcription. Keep alternating until you have worked through all your questions. Make sure that the questions are equal in difficulty for each student. You may want to scaffold your questions, beginning with two simple questions, then two more challenging, and two even more challenging. Each person writes the name of his or her partner on the paper and submits it.  

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