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This is a character map that I adapted from Laurie Clarcq after a workshop that she did with us at the AFLA 2010 Conference in Talkeetna. I made my own form so that it fits on a half page, saving some trees!  It requires the students to explore a character from a story (novel, song, article, etc.) in-depth.

It is a great exercise to practice critical thinking skills, because students need to identify a problem and a (re)solution that the character experiences, as well as what the character might say, think, or feel. You could split up your class to create a map for a particular character at different moments in the story so that you can compare and discuss what the differences in his or her thoughts, words, and feelings are at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

The file that I created contains a Spanish version, an English version, and a no-text version. Download the form here (free!).

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