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Grab and Go during reading activity

April 17, 2013

Jason Fritze rocks...but then again, we already knew that! Once again, he is responsible for creating a fantastic reading activity, shared by Michele, that I know you will enjoy using with your students. 

What is Grab and Go?

Grab and Go (I call it 'Agarrapregunta') is a during reading activity. Students are seated in small groups and interact with their group members on paper as they read independently. Students write questions for their group members and answer the questions written by their group members.

This activity is a great one to add to the Plan B repertoire, especially when kids are squirrely at the end of the year. It also makes for a great Stations activity!

How do I set up Grab and Go?

Each student will need a copy of the same text: the chapter of a book, an article, a story...anything! Students will also each need two blank pieces of paper (or two forms--see below). Seat students in small groups of about four students to complete this deceptively interactive reading activity.

How do we play Grab and Go?

  1. Seated in a circle, students start reading. As they read, they consider what questions they can ask about the text.
  2. As soon as students think of a question, they write it down on one of their blank pieces of paper.
  3. The student places the paper with the question in the middle of the group, accessible to all group members.
  4. The student keeps reading until they think of another question.
  5. The student writes down the second question on the second piece of blank paper.
  6. The student places the paper with the second question in the middle of the group. Now, the student should have only the text in their hands; no blank or question papers.
  7. Because the student is 'empty handed', they now GRAB a paper out of the middle of the circle. It should have a question on it. If they happen to pick a paper with a question that they wrote, they can put it back and grab a different one--or they can keep it. Your call!
  8. The student reads the question on the paper and considers whether or not they know the answer.
  9. If they do not know the answer, they should keep reading until they figure it out. If/Once they DO know the answer, they should write it just below the question on the same piece of paper.
  10. Now that they have answered the question, they write a new question on the same paper (or keep reading until they can think of one to write!). 
  11. Because the paper has a new question on it, it goes back into the middle of the circle.
  12. Because the student is once again empty handed, they grab a new paper from the middle of the circle.
  13. Repeat steps 8-12 until the paper is full and/or until all students have finished the reading!

Use a form to keep it organized

The first time...or first few times...that I do this activity with my students, I like to have them complete it using a form. This helps them to figure out the flow so that we can eventually do it on the fly.

Grab and Go is a small group, during reading activity created by Jason Fritze. Students read independently and interact silently with group members!

Use Grab and Go with QAR

Grab and Go works very well with classes that have already learned about QAR. For those classes, I give them this form so that they must consider the QAR type of any question that they write!

You can grab my generic Grab and Go form in the Editable Stations activities pack (read more about stations here)!

Get the Grab and Go form (along with 14+ others!) in this Editable stations pack for Spanish classes!

Find more during reading activities!

If you, like me, are always on the hunt for more during reading activities, then I know you will find this Traffic Light Reading Activities post helpful. 

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