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Editable Stations for Spanish Classes

16 fully customizable station templates for any activity or text 

Multi level

Do you love using Stations in your classes but hate the prep work?

These 16 fully customizable station templates are designed for proficiency-oriented, comprehension based language classes. Ready for you to edit in Google Slides, simply add stories or questions and print!

Here are the 15 included templates:

  1. In the text or in my head - Reading, possibly Listening
  2. Chain Reaction - Reading
  3. Draw 1 2 3 - Reading or Listening, Writing
  4. Binary CLOZE - Reading
  5. Five Star Review - Reading, Writing
  6. Jigsaw puzzle - Reading
  7. Storyboard - Reading or Listening, Writing
  8. Sequencing - Reading, possibly Listening
  9. Who said it? - Reading, possibly Listening
  10. Matching - Reading
  11. Fan N Pick - Speaking, Limited Writing
  12. Team Windows - Speaking, Limited Writing
  13. Go Fish! - Speaking, Reading
  14. Memory - Listening, Writing, Limited speaking
  15. Grab and Go - Reading, Writing
  16. Cataplún - Reading, Writing, or Speaking

Each station includes

  • Detailed teacher instructions for editing materials and setting up the station
  • Fully customizable student directions to post at the station
  • Editable worksheets and game piece templates

In addition, the materials include advice on how to implement stations in your classes, numbered station signs, and customizable expectations signs for each station.

Please read this blog post for more information.


  • Stations are such a great way to offer a variety of activities related to the content being taught without using so much class time. Thank you for the great resource!

    Ahlona L.
  • These were a life saver in terms of planning time! Thank you so much. The students really worked well in these centers.

  • This is probably my favorite resource from Comprehensible Classroom. I am able to use it in many contexts. I love that I can make a copy and use with any unit. I can use as many stations as I want. SInce they are editable, I can scaffold/differentiate as needed. Lots of options here. Definitely worth the money. 

    Mary C.
  • I have been using stations in my class a lot more this year. It is such a great way to allow me to conference with my students. These are a real benefit to me to allow me to create analog activities that fit in with the content we are using. I love the variety, the instructions (so students don't need me to understand), and how easy it is to modify. Now if only I had all the time to make them...

    Leigh M.
  • Love this resource! I´m revamping my curriculum for next year and would love to include more stations. This is an excellent resource to do so. This cuts down on prep time, just have to supply the readings, etc. 

    Onnika C.

Editable Stations for Spanish Classes


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