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Editable sub plan template for Spanish classes

Just add the story that you want your students to read and write several questions about it. 

Multi level
12 Pages

This product contains EDITABLE storyboards and task forms for Spanish classes. Just add the story that you want your students to read and write several questions about it. All formatting is done for you--it even contains printable instructions for the substitute teacher!

These templates will allow you to create materials for your classes that are similar to the ones found in this product. All materials are designed for independent work with a non-Spanish speaking sub.

In class, students will:

  1. Read the story.

  2. Respond to comprehension questions.

  3. Optional: write their own ending to the story.

  4. Write a new version of the story.

  5. If time remains: illustrate the story.

These materials are customizable. Choose the template that works best for you!

  • 4 or 6 frame storyboard 

  • Write questions in English or Spanish

  • Add a complete story or have students create their own ending

  • Open ending or T/F questions

  • Modify the directions for your substitute teacher

Edit these plans online in Google Slides or download to edit in PPT or Keynote!

All materials that you create with these templates are for your classroom use only and may not be used for commercial purposes. However, a link is included for you to privately share storyboards created using this template with other teachers that have also purchased the template.


  • I used this for a sub plan. What is great is it is adaptable, easy for the sub to give, easy for the students to complete on their own and for most kids it keeps them engaged. What more could you want?

    Lynn G.
  • So many different ways to approach stories, class novels and specially our class created stories. I have been using this resource at least once a week. So well created, my students type their own version of the stories and they have been so creative. 

    Miriam Brady
  • Fast, simple, and so helpful to have on hand. I've used them for emergency sub plans or even when a student finishes their assigned work early. They're great! 

    Kelly T.
  • I am slowly adding more short stories and books in my Spanish classes, so I needed something to help my students summarize and illustrate their understanding of the story. This fits my needs. Thank you!

    Laura Shible
  • Great for sub plans (yay for the stories in the Collab drive!)- great for filling up awkward days when classes are on different schedules. Very easy to use, I appreciate a te the variety of activities. 

    Blakely S.

Editable sub plan template for Spanish classes


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