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Upcoming Workshops

Every Comprehensible Classroom workshop is designed to increase attendees' knowledge, skills, and confidence in Teaching for Acquisition.

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Seattle teaching assessing acquisition tafa

Upcoming Workshop

Teaching and Assessing for Acquisition

Seattle, Washington | August 2024

The transition away from teaching language courses based on a traditional grammar syllabus requires a shift in thinking as well as a shift in instruction and assessment practice. In this workshop, attendees will consider both the theoretical basis for Acquisition Driven, Comprehension Based™ teaching and assessment and its practical application. Attendees will explore these concepts through interactive demonstrations. 

Assessment aabc

Upcoming Workshop

Assessment Boot Camp

August 2024

Assessment for Acquisition Boot Camp (A-ABC) is a virtual, 2 week-long self-directed intensive intended to introduce you to proficiency-based assessment for language courses taught with a focus on acquisition. 

Course begins August 11, 2024!

Somos abc square

Upcoming Workshop

Somos Acquisition Boot Camp

October 2024

Somos Acquisition Boot Camp (Somos ABC) is a virtual, 5 week-long self-directed intensive intended to introduce you to the basics of acquisition based teaching using the Somos family of curricula.

Course begins September 30, 2024!

Our Instructors

  • Elicia cardenas 275x275

    Elicia Cárdenas

    Director of Training

    After partnering with The Comprehensible Classroom for two years as a part-time Curriculum Mentor and trainer, Elicia joined as the full-time Director of Training in 2020. Elicia travels throughout North America to work with districts and organizations that represent teachers who are ready to transform their classroom instruction through Comprehension-based instruction. Elicia is also the founder of the Deskless Classroom.

  • Martina bex 275x275

    Martina Bex

    Founder & CEO

    Martina is a respected international expert and thought leader in the field of language education. Since founding The Comprehensible Classroom in 2010, Martina has partnered with Master Teachers to expand and diversify the company's trainings and products. Martina and Elicia work closely together to develop trainings that help teachers and districts experience success as they explore an acquisition-driven approach to language teaching.

More about us

I have learned so much from this course! I feel like I'm improving daily and I'm not kidding when I say how much more engaged my students seem with some of the small changes. They are responding so well! Students are still reaping the benefits now.

ABC Participant

This class is by far the best I have ever taken! In my opinion this should be a required course in college and graduate courses for anyone wanting to become a language teacher. 

J. Meziane; ABC Participant

This week’s training is the best I’ve ever attended. I’m still processing like crazy, but it’s good processing. As someone ready for deeper understanding, this absolutely blew my mind! Exceeds expectations!

TFA Attendee, Long Beach

Elicia does a fabulous job of modeling mutual respect and positivity! She told us on the front end what she would present, asked us to prioritize our learning interests, and then geared her presentation accordingly. Her passion inspires others!

Teacher Labs Attendee

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Confidence in the classroom begins with exceptional training that engages, educates and encourages; training that is inclusive, timely, full of rich applicable content and that provides opportunities to continue on your education journey. We offer a range of custom-tailored training opportunities for teachers, districts, cohort-style small groups, and conferences.

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