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For most language teachers, the transition to teaching for acquisition is a BIG change. The Comprehensible Classroom’s training model makes it easy for you to learn the most relevant knowledge about Second Language Acquisition and apply it to your classroom instruction.

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It’s all about communication.

Language exists to communicate, and the most effective language instruction keeps communication at the center. Acquisition Driven Instruction (ADI) is a communicative approach to language teaching that removes barriers between the classroom and the outside world.

Acquisition Driven Instruction focuses on helping learners to acquire a new language in the same way that they acquired their mother tongue. Instead of learning about the rules and components of a language and practicing how to combine them, during class, students engage in communicative activities such as discussion, storytelling, games, individual and whole class reading, and more--all in the target language. The teacher’s primary role is to plan the communicative activities and determine how to ensure that all linguistic input is level-appropriate or comprehensible for the learners. What happens in the classroom is instantly applicable to the world outside the classroom.

Acquisition is for everyone.

Shifting the focus of language instruction from explicit learning to implicit acquisition is a more equitable approach to language education. Every student that enters the classroom already speaking one language can successfully acquire another.

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Acquisition Driven Instruction (ADI) is an immersive, authentic approach to language teaching. Unpacking Second Language Acquisition theory and considering how to apply it to classroom practice empowers educators to find the perfect blend of acquisition-focused strategies to serve their unique group of students.

Learn how to Teach for Acquisition

Our blog is filled with tutorials to help you discover Acquisition Driven Instruction at your own pace. Here are a few of our favorite starting points:

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    4 Steps to ADI

    Explore 4 simple, flexible steps that can help you implement Acquisition Driven Instruction in your classes.
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    Unpack Standards based assessment in the context of a language classroom
  • On dit

    Support Comprehension

    Learn how to make target language input in class comprehensible (CI).

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