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Vamos Unit 1 | Chocolate | Exploratory Spanish

The Vamos Curriculum™ for Exploratory Spanish

Beginner (Level 1)
8 days

Vamos™ is a proficiency-oriented curriculum designed for Exploratory Spanish courses. As an Exploratory curriculum, Vamos has three primary objectives:

  1. development of linguistic proficiency
  2. exposure to products, practices, and perspectives from a range of Spanish speaking communities
  3. fostering interest in continuing language study


Unit 1 of The Vamos Curriculum assumes that students have no prior exposure to Spanish. Each day is filled with communicative, target language activities that build connections within the classroom and between the classroom and the outside world. 

  • Core Verbs: es, le gusta, prefiere, dice
  • Featured Country: Mexico
  • Cultural Focus: Chocolate's origin in Aztec culture

Throughout the course of this unit students will learn an authentic rhythm hand game, communicate about their preferences, engage in cooperative storytelling, play games, learn about world geography, and learn facts about Mexico and Chocolate: all in the target language!

Content is scaffolded to build confidence in students as they get their first taste of a language class!


  • activities for introducing vocabulary
  • activities based on the short film
  • a TPRS® story script
  • an interactive Storybuilder presentation
  • story-based activities
  • a rhythm hand game sheet
  • an informational text
  • authentic video
  • the materials to play This or That?
  • a printable personal inventory
  • materials to play games
  • a slideshow including daily warm-ups
  • complete lesson plans
  • a student printables files
  • answer keys
  • detailed activity instructions
  • Grudgeball game
  • a complete unit overview with abbreviated daily plans, can-do statements, World Readiness standards, Common Core alignment, AP themes, Essential questions, and Proficiency Orientation

All unit materials are stored in a Google Drive folder that is accessed via a clickable link in the purchased Licensed Access Document. Materials may be downloaded and editable files converted to Powerpoint or modified in Google Suite.

Looking for what to teach next? 

The Vamos Curriculum is available for purchase by individual units or you can purchase the Units 1-5 Bundle

Vamos Curriculum Scope and Sequence: 

  • My students are loving this unit and I am so happy there is finally a curriculum for exploratory Spanish. MIL GRACIAS

    La Profe Comprensible
  • Martina and crew continually update their slides and activities. Love this unit!

    Dos gotas de español
  • You all are amazing! This resource is exactly what I needed for my 4th/5th grade class. I completed days one and two, and they were completely engaged and understood the context. I teach PK-8th grade Spanish and have not yet found anything for all of the grade levels I teach that is as light on teacher prep time as your curriculum. I use Somos 6th-8th. Please continue to make awesome curriculum and curriculum supplements. I know how much time it takes to create, but as you finish Vamos, will you please consider creating things for an even younger audience? I use others that I will not mention here that work but not as well as your content. Thank you for all of your work in making CI accessible!

    Mattie B.
  • I just started it since it was just released but I love that I can download and change pictures or phrases. Today was fun for the kids!

    Sandra A.
  • I'm so excited that SOMOS created a curriculum for the exploratory level! I start using SOMOS in 6th grade and was looking for something for my 5th graders. When I saw The Vamos Curriculum I knew I had to get it. The curriculum is easy to follow and comprehensible for the younger grades. I can't wait for more units to come!

    Emily T.
  • Just ran into a parent at our kids’ flag football game and she couldn’t stop raving about how much Spanish her child has already acquired. She said it is a breath of fresh air because he comes home everyday with something that he has learned or taken away the class. I couldn’t do it without The Vamos Curriculum!

    Amanda Schultz
  • This is such an incredible curriculum for younger age groups (typical for Explore programs). I teach Exploratory Spanish for 5th and 6th grades and Spanish I/II at a high school. I am a dedicated SOMOS teacher with my high schoolers. However, I have always created my own materials for my Explore 5/6th graders since there was not curriculum out there I felt met my teaching style and met my students' needs within that age group. I am so excited to see what else Vamos puts out there. I immediately threw out my lesson plans this week when I saw this and jumped right in! My students are LOVING this Unit already and I love how MS friendly it is. Everything you need is there and it is fun and engaging to even the most "unenthusiastic" students in my class.

    Emily Stricklin

Vamos Unit 1 | Chocolate | Exploratory Spanish


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