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Vamos Unit 3 | Papas | Exploratory Spanish

The Vamos Curriculum™ for Exploratory Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Elementary, Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
9+ days

The Vamos Curriculum™ is a proficiency-oriented curriculum designed for Exploratory Spanish courses. As an Exploratory curriculum, Vamos has three primary objectives:

  1. development of linguistic proficiency
  2. exposure to products, practices, and perspectives from a range of Spanish speaking communities
  3. fostering interest in continuing language study


Unit 3 of The Vamos Curriculum assumes that students are in the early days of their Spanish learning journeys and have already completed Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the Vamos Curriculum. Each day is filled with communicative, target language activities that build connections within the classroom and between the classroom and the outside world. 

  • Core Verbs: hay
  • Recycled vocabulary: tiene, son, prefiere, le gusta, ¿Qué es esto?, niños
  • Featured Country: Perú
  • Cultural Focus: Perú's biodiversity

Throughout the course of this unit students will learn about the geography of Perú, communicate about descriptions of people and things, create their own characters, play games, communicate about the date, and learn facts about Perú's biodiversity and geography: all in the target language!

Content is scaffolded to build confidence in students as they get their first taste of a language class!


  • activities for introducing vocabulary (Bingo)
  • a suggested Calendar Talk Script
  • an One Word Image presentation
  • a calendar talk presentation
  • story-based activities
  • an informational text
  • authentic videos
  • the materials to games
  • a slideshow including daily warm-ups
  • complete lesson plans
  • a student printables files
  • answer keys
  • detailed activity instructions
  • the Unfair Game®
  • Paperless worksheets
  • a complete unit overview with abbreviated daily plans, can-do statements, World Readiness standards, Common Core alignment, AP themes, Essential questions, and Proficiency Orientation

All unit materials are stored in a Google Drive folder that is accessed via a clickable link in the purchased Licensed Access Document. Materials may be downloaded and editable files converted to Powerpoint or modified in Google Suite.

Look for more units from The Vamos Curriculum coming soon!

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The Vamos Curriculum is available for purchase by individual units or you can purchase the Units 1-5 Bundle

Vamos Curriculum Scope and Sequence: 

  • The Vamos curriculum has totally changed how I teach my fifth grade students. It is giving me the opportunity to try new games available in the SOMOS curriculum that have haven't been brave enough for yet. Bingo specifically was a huge hit for my students, but also Pencil Grab. This is the most exciting way I have reviewed calendar since second grade level. Great curriculum. 

    Stephanie M.
  • My students loved learning about Papas. I love the diversity in the content. It made each day super engaging and very productive. Very very pleased with this curriculum!

    Letitia Brisson
  • My students absolutely love this curriculum! As 7th graders entering the Spanish classroom for the first time, I used to spend a lot of time showing them how to use their resources, but with this curriculum and the patterns it uses, most students are able to speak in memorized phrases and experiment with mixing and matching words they learn on their own by the end of of this unit!

    Brandi Rettick
  • I loe the amount and variety of activities. Easy to flow and very detailed instructions. Another great set of plans.

    Tina H.
  • I LOVE Vamos!! This has been such a wonderful curriculum for my middle schoolers. It's perfectly designed for their age level and attention span. Our class periods are 40 minutes and the lessons fit the time perfectly. The flow keeps the students engaged from start to finish. I've heard my kids say "Class is over already?" and "That was so fun!" more times than I can count. Other teachers (including teachers who are parents of my students) stop me in the hallway to tell me that students love my class. It's because Vamos is awesome!

    Katie L.

Vamos Unit 3 | Papas | Exploratory Spanish


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