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Vamos Unit 4 | Barriletes | Exploratory Spanish

The Vamos Curriculum™ for Exploratory Spanish

Beginner (Level 1)
Google Drive, PDF
11+ days

The Vamos Curriculum™ is a proficiency-oriented curriculum designed for Exploratory Spanish courses. As an Exploratory curriculum, Vamos has three primary objectives:

  1. development of linguistic proficiency
  2. exposure to products, practices, and perspectives from a range of Spanish speaking communities
  3. fostering interest in continuing language study


Unit 4 of The Vamos Curriculum assumes that students are in the early days of their Spanish learning journeys and have already completed Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3 of the Vamos Curriculum. Each day is filled with communicative, target language activities that build connections within the classroom and between the classroom and the outside world. 

  • Core Verbs: puede (ver), va, vive
  • Featured Country: Guatemala
  • Cultural Focus: El festival de los barriletes gigantes

Throughout the course of this unit students will learn about the geography of Guatemala, narrate different events, play games, communicate about the frequency of actions, learn cross curricular content such as volcanoes and Mayan culture, and learn facts about Guatemala's giant kite festival and geography: all in the target language!

Content is scaffolded to build confidence in students as they get their first taste of a language class!


  • activities for introducing vocabulary
  • a suggested ClipChat script
  • an animal guessing game
  • story-based activities
  • an informational text
  • authentic videos
  • the materials to games
  • a slideshow including daily warm-ups
  • complete lesson plans
  • a student printables files
  • infographics about volcanoes and Mayan culture
  • answer keys
  • detailed activity instructions
  • Paperless worksheets
  • a complete unit overview with abbreviated daily plans, can-do statements, World Readiness standards, Common Core alignment, AP themes, Essential questions, and Proficiency Orientation

All unit materials are stored in a Google Drive folder that is accessed via a clickable link in the purchased Licensed Access Document. Materials may be downloaded and editable files converted to Powerpoint or modified in Google Suite.

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Vamos Unit 4 | Barriletes | Exploratory Spanish


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