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Editable Syllabus for World Language courses

Two versions of an editable syllabus for ANY World Language course

Google Drive
6 Pages

Product Description

Use this editable doodle syllabus to let your students and their parents know what to expect from your World Language course!

With a Path to Proficiency and an (editable) description of how language is acquired and what that means for your course, this is the perfect starting point for any Comprehension-based language course syllabus, and it can easily be edited for use in any language course– regardless of which language is taught or which curriculum and methods are used.


  • Course title
  • Instructor name
  • Contact information
  • Quote about language learning
  • Course materials
  • Curriculum used
  • Year-at-a-glance table
  • Gradebook overview
  • Path to Proficiency
  • Course activities
  • Expectations
  • Homework/Missing work policy
  • Overview of language acquisition
  • Description of Storyasking
  • Standards Based Grading guide
  • Core Vocabulary description
  • Statement on Academic Integrity
  • Full-page template to describe 8 Policies & Procedures

NEW IN 2020: Additional page for Online Teaching info (ex: Learning Management System Link, weekly schedule, Online expectations)


This editable syllabus comes with 6 page templates: 3 heavily designed pages and 3 mostly-blank-space pages. It can be edited in Keynote, Slides, or PowerPoint, and it contains both fixed and editable elements:

  • All graphics are fixed (cannot be edited) in accordance with their Terms of Use.
  • Almost all text boxes can be edited. Feel free to replace existing text boxes with similar messages or using material that better suits your needs.

If you do not wish to use any particular graphic element, they can be covered with a white rectangle.


  • I switched to Somos just 3 days after being in the classroom this year. I needed to adjust my syllabus to reflect the change in approach. This resource saved me a TON of time and was very clear for the students. I handed out the Simplified version and read off of the larger editable version. I plan to blow up and laminate the "Storyasking" explanation and rules for myself and students to refer to as we continue on in the year.

    Lydia S.
  • These are great templates for class syllabi. It was great to have the materials about CI and how the course would be evaluated to send to parents. I love the explanations of what CI is versus "classic" language learning and a grammar focus.

    Duncan P.
  • This syllabus was really easy to edit and personalize, and really helped me narrow the scope of what was important to include.

    Rachel B.
  • Very visually appealing and I appreciated that the path to proficiency was included so students could see how far they have come.

    Emma G.
  • Loved that I could edit this resource for my own needs. I used it for a beginning Spanish class. It's visually appealing, and easy to use. Thank you!

    Lisa T.

Editable Syllabus for World Language courses


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