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Worksheet Builder | EDITABLE

Create standard portrait-orientation worksheets using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Slides.

Spanish, English (ELL/ESL/ELD)
Multi level

Need to create a text or topic-based activity worksheet for your students, but short on time and inspiration?

This Worksheet Builder will help you to create standard Portrait-Orientation worksheets using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Slides.


  • 10 design backgrounds
  • 28 activity types
  • step-by-step instructions


  1. Choose your worksheet design/background
  2. Pick the activity or activities that you'd like your students to complete (ex: fill in the blank, represent with an image, True/False/Probable, etc.). 28 templates are included!
  3. Customize the text in the activity template to match the text or topic that your students will be referencing.
  4. Copy and paste your customized activity or activities onto your chosen worksheet design!

All student instructions are in English, and they can be easily translated into other languages if desired. Many student instructions reference the language to be used in responding questions (ex: "in English" or "in Spanish"), and this is also editable and/or can be deleted altogether.


Share your finished worksheets with your students in print or on closed, password-protected platforms like Google Classroom or Schoology. Terms of Use also allow you to share PDF versions of single-page worksheets that you've created with colleagues! No portion of this Worksheet Builder may be used to create any product for Commercial Use.


  • This is a visually appealing way to make digital worksheets for students. It has great ideas for kinds of activities to get you started.

    La clase de Sra D
  • This product was SO easy to edit and work with! After creating a couple of worksheets for SOMOS units, I sent them to students as single-page Google Slides assignments where they could highlight, type, and "move" their answers! It has been a GREAT resource to adapt for distance learning :) Could also easily send out the worksheets as PDFs to students or print them if you prefer for them to work that way! This is a resource I will use AGAIN and AGAIN!!! Thank you so much, Martina. Your resources are always SUCH A TIMESAVER for me!!

    Shanna C.
  • These worksheets got me through the last few weeks of school in the Spring and my students (HS Spanish 1 and 2) did well with them and gave great feedback. Will be just as valuable this Fall as we are virtual! 

    Emilie W.
  • I love the versatility of this worksheet builder! It allows me to create the perfect worksheet without having to re-invent the wheel. Thanks for this easy to use resource! 

    Rebecca W.
  • I am so thankful for educators who create beautiful resources that are easy to use! I always think,,,, "I could create something..." but it would take me forever! :) This is excellent to adapt all types of activities.

    Laura H.

Worksheet Builder | EDITABLE


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