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Smash Doodle™ templates for World Language Classes

A template to help students creatively represent the key ideas and takeaways with text and doodles

Multi level
10 Pages

A Smash Doodle™ is a post-reading activity that students enjoy and that can be completed with NO teacher preparation. SmashDoodles™ are visual representations of content, in which students may combine elements of drawing with arts & crafts to convey the information. In most cases, teachers prefer to have students just draw, or doodle, their messages.

After reading a text or listening to a piece of content, students creatively represent the key ideas and personal takeaways with text and doodles on a page of paper. Smash Doodles™ are useful in the language classroom because they create an opportunity for students to revisit the text or content and to think about it critically, resulting in deeper levels of comprehension.



This resource includes a set of "Smash Doodle™ starters" that can be printed and distributed to students who need a little extra help thinking about how they can represent ideas in a non-linear fashion. Read this blog post to learn how to use these starter pages with news articles or any other text »


The name Smash Doodle™ (also Smashdoodle) was developed by The Comprehensible Classroom and may not be used for commercial purposes without express, written consent from the creator.


  • Great resource. Although some of my students preferred to have the freedom to organize their content on paper, the truth is that some students struggle with space management on paper. This resource was just what they needed to focus on what they were writing, instead on how to present it on paper.

    Luisa M.
  • Great resource, my students have fun showing what they have learned, specially after readings. Thanks for making my job easier.

    La gata
  • These are so fun! My students enjoyed doing this as a way to recap a story we had read. I really enjoyed seeing what my students came up with.

    Kathryn M.
  • This resource was a helpful time-saver that most students found as a more fun way to communicate about a story/article. I would recommend it; it's a good value for the price to not have to reinvent the wheel. 

    Sandra R.
  • I loved the idea of the Smash Doodles when I read about it. These templates were so helpful for my students when they were designing them, instead of starting with just a blank sheet of paper. There are several options included. I can't wait to use this with my students again in the future.

    Ashley R.

Smash Doodle™ templates for World Language Classes


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