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¡Cataplún! | Editable game card template for Spanish

All you need to make this game work for your classes!

Multi level

¡Cataplún! is a fast paced, student-directed game that is perfect for Fridays and station days. Your students will love to play the odds, and you will love that the game provides them with opportunities to read, write, and speak the target language. Click here to learn more about ¡Cataplún!


  • Teacher instructions for set up
  • Student instructions for game play
  • 36 editable ¡Cataplún! cards in Spanish; fully editable in Google Drive
  • Student recording sheet to use during game play
  • FRENCH version of the game (Boum !)

NOTE: If you already own the Editable Stations pack, you already own ¡Cataplún! It is Station #16.

Need a different language? Email [email protected] to request it!


  • This is a great game to review anything! My classes really enjoyed playing it and I will use it a lot! The template is really easy to fill in with any review material that you want.

    Hollis W.
  • I'm so excited to use this! I love that it's editable so that I can adapt it to a variety of units and classes. It's such a simple concept, but it's also super flexible and adaptable. Thank you!

    Frances Santiago
  • This was such a fun game! Took a little bit of prep time (cutting the cards, laminating, etc.) but SO WORTH IT! Kids enjoyed it!

    Kerri D.
  • Takes some prep but not as much as if I had to recreate without the template! I love that I can edit and the kids have a blast! 

    Kristin K.
  • My students loved this activity! Plus it's so adaptable that I can't wait to edit it and re-use it in all the different ways suggested in the resource.

    Elizabeth B.

¡Cataplún! | Editable game card template for Spanish


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