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Creative Presentation Ideas

June 21, 2013

I think that most of you have already experienced the sweet bliss of the last day of school. You've probably breathed a huge sigh of relief, maybe shed a few tears (of joy or sorrow--perhaps both!), and hopefully taken a nice, long nap.

Now...time to start planning for the fall!

Put all your ideas in one place

I've been trying to put all the time that I spend parked on the couch nursing my one-month-old to good use, organizing and reviewing my Pinterest boards. I originally had just one board, titled "Español" for all of the ideas that I found that were related to teaching. Yikes!! My maternity sub is reading a novel with each of my classes, and so I have been looking for ideas that I can pass on to her– ideas that will be a low 'ask' in terms of planning! I typically shy away from projects, but when it comes to maternity leave... well, a project sounds just fine!

Keep it novel

If you have your students create summative presentations multiple times per year, this list will help you to keep the assignment from feeling repetitive. Use these presentations at any point during the year as a way for students to present on any topic, book, or story from class.

Most of the ideas can be modified to be used with an entire book or a single character or scene. Each one could be used as a prop for an oral presentation (done formally to the class or to the teacher or informally as a simultaneous presentation), and many could be simply on display in the classroom or at a special event, like Open House or Conferences.

What is one creative way that you have had students share their knowledge about a text or topic?

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