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Syllabus Homework

August 14, 2013

When I spend time explaining my syllabus on the first day of school or at open house, I often get that deer in the headlights look: Acquisition, Storyasking, Standards Based's a lot to take in at once! And because there is never enough time on either of those occasions to accomplish everything that I desire, I am sure that questions go unanswered. So in preparing for a new school year at a new school, I created THIS SYLLABUS HOMEWORK (click here to download) for students to take home and complete with their parents. It's a questionnaire for parents and students to complete with reactions to the syllabus (which means that they have to read it!). We'll see how it goes. If you'd like an editable version that isn't very pretty, but you can work with, click here.

In the past, as a student, I was given a syllabus quiz or had to have my parents sign it, but I am hoping that this will help me to address some concerns about the course structure before the end of the first marking period rolls around.

Do you give out any assignments to accompany your syllabus?

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