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On the fourth night of Hanukkah...

December 9, 2015

When you are in the weeds with 175 students creating papers for you to grade and issues for you to address, and you have just 45 minutes of planning time every day...well, something's gotta give. Or maybe you have a delightful workload but are still figuring out this thing they call TCI and you have no stinking clue what you're going to do later today, much less next week or later this year!

Thank the Lord for the Internet, amen!? There are hundreds...maybe thousands? of ready-to-go lesson plans and activities for TPRS®/CI courses that are just waiting for you to find them. Some of them are buried deep in the recesses of now-inactive blogs, publisher websites, and teacher Google Drives, making it unlikely that you will ever stumble across them.

Your mission for today's giveaway is this: post the link to a ready-to-go, TPRS® or other Comprehensible Input lesson plan or activity that you have created and posted online OR that someone else has created but that you discovered and used successfully. It can be as basic as a clear description of "do this first then this then this", or it can include printable or projectable materials to accompany the lesson (not necessary). It could be a story script, an embedded reading, a game...anything! It can be a free resource or a paid, downloadable resource. As long as it allows teachers to take it and use it in class the next day, it counts!

One caveat: it cannot be something from me (neither from my blog nor my TpT account)You are here reading this, so you know that you can come to my blog to find lesson plans and activities. I am asking you to share something from a location that other people reading this might not know exists! (It's okay if it's a popular long as it's not from here, it's fine!)

And what do you get in return? Tonight marks the halfway point of Hanukkah, and so I will be giving away TWO $25.00 gift cards to Teachers Pay Teachers. The gift cards can be used to purchase anything on the site, from any seller. To enter to win tonight's giveaway, simply leave a comment on this blog post with a link to a successful lesson plan or activity that you have created or found and used AND a quick overview of what it is (1 sentence is fine). A brief description will allow other teachers to glance through the list and quickly find anything that might be useful to them! Remember, it cannot be an activity or a lesson plan from me!

Once you have left a comment on this blog post, click here to enter the giveaway. All entries must be received by December 10 at 10:00pm EST (6:00pm AKST). Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to claim his or her prize before it is passed on to someone else.

And CONGRATULATIONS to Megan Sulewski, a French teacher, for winning the deck of VERBA cards from the night two giveaway! Your VERBA cards are on their way. Also, the night three giveaway is open until 10:00pm EST tonight (December 9), so you may still have time to enter!

Once you have left a comment on this blog post, click on this image to enter your name in the giveaway!

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