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Martina Bex is really mad!!!

January 10, 2017

Hi guys. Martina here. I am writing this post because I AM REALLY MAD!

I have about 2 hours of time that I can squeak out of my days (meaning, my days and nights...2 out of every 24 hours...) to work on the computer. Would you like to know how I spent that time today?

TRYING TO TRACK DOWN PEOPLE THAT HAVE UPLOADED MY COPYRIGHTED PRODUCTS TO THE INTERNET. It makes me so mad, I could scream! Or cry! I will probably do both by the time I am done writing this!!

If you purchase something from me, it is NEVER okay to post it publicly (on sites that aren't protected by passwords) online. This means it is illegal to post it on class websites because you want your students to be able to access them at home. It is illegal to post it on slidesharing websites because you are a college professor and need to be able to access the slideshows from many different computers because you teach in different rooms. It is illegal to post them in google documents with sharing preferences to "public on the internet" so that you can access them from home or from other devices. IT IS ILLEGAL TO UPLOAD THE THINGS THAT I HAVE PUBLISHED to a non-secure, non-password protected website. If you ever have a question, please email me directly to find out if what you want to do is okay. If you want to adapt and re-share something that I have shared for free on my website or on TpT (like the Breakout that I shared yesterday, or the reading that I shared last week, or the Breakout I shared last week, or...or...or...), then please contact me directly via email for permission.

The same goes for novels. IT IS ILLEGAL to upload PDFs of novels or audio versions of novels (even if you are the one reading them) to the internet.

What to do when you find one of my documents online or the PDF or audio version of a novel that you are familiar with? Contact the author and/or copyright holder so that they can deal with it immediately. Don't download the product. Don't share the link with your other teacher friends first so they can get it before it's gone. It's illegal and IT IS MEAN!

Would you go to a store and buy one book but shoplift 34? NO! It's illegal!

Would you sign up for cable and then wire in your 3 best teacher friends? NO! It's illegal!

Would you order drinks for everyone at the bar and then leave without paying? NO! It's illegal!

I am a real person and THIS HURTS MY FEELINGS!!

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