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Acquisition Boot Camp starts January 15!

October 30, 2023

Get trained in Teaching for Acquisition this this August! Join The Comprehensible Classroom for online professional development on Teaching and Assessing for Acquisition!

If you are seeking to learn the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of Teaching for Acquisition, The Comprehensible Classroom is the best place for you to get started. Working with individuals and districts around the country, we have developed unique training opportunities that not only get you the information you need, but do so through immersive learning experiences that leave you feeling confident to get to teaching!

Personalized Online Training

Our Acquisition Boot Camp (ABC) course has been more impactful than we could have imagined. With more than 1000 graduates, the positive feedback is overwhelming. We are thrilled to run this course for the fourth time!

ABC7 will run from January 15 - February 9, 2024, and registration is now LIVE

ABC is a course for teachers that are new to Comprehension-based teaching, curious about Comprehension-based teaching, or want to get back the basics of Teaching for Acquisition. 

The month-long experience is just $149.00. We have increased the number of coaches for the course in order to increase our course capacity, but seats are still limited. Register today to secure your spot!

CE Credits Available

ABC participants will have the option to earn Continuing Education credits through the University of the Pacific for an additional fee ($62 per credit). After you register for the course or workshop, you will have the option to register for the CE credits as well.

What is Acquisition Boot Camp?

Acquisition Boot Camp is a course that is designed for teachers that are new to Comprehension-based teaching, are Comprehension Curious, or have been trying out Teaching for Acquisition (either through Somos, Somos Flex, or a montage of found ideas and resources) but have not yet had the training to understand the WHY behind the what.

The Comprehensible Classroom is committed to providing effective, impactful training experiences, and sit-and-get just doesn't cut it. Our first round of ABC (Acquisition Boot Camp) participants worked together as a community with the support of coaches toward the common goal of demystifying what it means to Teach for Acquisition and how to do it with great confidence. See what some of them are saying about the course:

Abc testimonials from graduates

Weekly themes

Each week, we will share FIVE pre-recorded videos with a common theme with participants, one per weekday. Each video will be 10-15 minutes long, and it will come with optional (recommended!) Reflection Tasks. We'll also hold one live event each week with special guests, and our coaches will help you to process what you're learning in our private course forum.

Week 1: Language is acquired, not learned.

How IS language acquired, anyway, and what does that mean for language teaching?

Week 2: Acquisition cannot happen if comprehension does not occur.

What techniques can we use to prepare content for class and to deliver it in a way that our students truly understand it, regardless of what activities/strategies/content we are using in class?

Week 3: Communicative proficiency develops through acts of communication

What are specific activities and strategies that we can use in class to connect with our students as we communicate with them about their lives, their ideas, and the world?

Week 4: A new way of teaching requires a new way of assessing and grading.

What does assessment look like in a proficiency-oriented language class, and how can we design assessments and grading policies that are appropriate for our goals and equitable for our students at all levels?

Enroll now to secure your spot.

Join us this coming February to develop a foundational knowledge of Acquisition Driven Instruction that you will be able to apply to nearly any curriculum and instructional context!

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