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Free article: El ataque en Las Ramblas, 8/17/17

August 18, 2017

La paz empieza conmigo. Say it!

This article about today's terrorist attack in Barcelona is written in super simple Spanish--almost entirely cognates--so that you can use it with students that just began their Spanish study. Even still, it will not be 'highly comprehensible' to fresh Spanish students because it is lengthy. It is up to you to tailor it to your students. Please take the time to share the message la paz empieza contigo from the presentation that I shared yesterday. Please draw a hard line in your classes that no form of violence or hatred will be accepted. Please pray every day for your students and for our world. And please continue to model love, respect, and peace every day.

I remember listening to one of Lisa Terkhurst's Proverbs 31 Ministries snippets on K-Love a few years back. Typically they leave me rolling my eyes because they're a little over the top, but this particular one has stayed with me. I remember her talking about how crazy things can get in her home with all of her kids. And she--like me--tends to get swept into the spiral of stress and frustration. You know, like when all of your kids (students) are making every. bad. choice. that they could possibly make, all at the same time? And so you snap? Lisa shared a phrase that she has owned, and I own it now too: "You bring the peace". I find myself saying this multiple times a day. Kids are screaming? Breathe in, breathe out. You bring the peace. Baby is crying, 4 & 5 yo are fighting, 3 yo just pooped AGAIN? Breathe in, breathe out. You bring the peace.

We have to model for our students that we can choose how to respond to any given situation. When we are not content, when we feel that we have been treated unjustly, when we are really freaking pissed off, we can still bring the peace.

La paz empieza conmigo.

Click here to download the article. It's free.

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