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Reading activities for current events

October 4, 2018

Film, politics, sports, conservation, and activism--these are just a few of the topics that the stories from the new EL MUNDO EN TUS MANOS subscription have addressed. Maris and I are passionate about finding stories that your students will connect with and that will open their eyes to the things happening in the world, near and far.

With subscribers teaching all levels of Spanish, in many different classroom situations, and with a wide range of teaching styles and methodologies, we recognize that there is a growing need for our subscribers to be able to collaborate. And so, we bring you...

If you are a subscriber, join today! This group is the best place to let us know which kinds of articles your students love to read and which articles they loathe. You can share with us specific news stories that you'd like to see featured in upcoming issues, and you can start conversations to inform the direction of EMETM as it continues to evolve. Let us know about any problems that you are encountering or typos that you have found! Share the materials that you have created to accompany the articles, and find additional resources to deepen the connections that the articles spark.

To jump-start the sharing, I created two new forms that will be stored in the EMETM Collab Drive. While my vision for EMETM remains primarily as material for free choice reading, it is always helpful to have a quick assignment on hand that you can attach to any edition--perfect filler for sub days (or for a day that you need to give your voice a break!).

What's the topic?

This first activity is an opportunity for your students to consider the main idea of each article. What is the theme? Who or what is the subject of the article? Where does it take place? Students read through the lists and then complete the chart at the bottom of the page with information for all five articles. Get this activity FREE when you join the El mundo en tus manos Collab group!


This second activity is more about connecting your students to the articles. Which ones are they most interested in? Least interested in? What are they visualizing as they read? What is one connection that they have with each article? Get this activity FREE when you join the El mundo en tus manos Collab group!

Want more?

Find 50+ ideas from Maris about what you can do with current events stories in class, and read this post and this post for more ideas from me!

We love hearing stories about how your students connect with the stories that we share, and we look forward to even better meeting the needs of our readers through this new group!

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