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Should I use a TpT for Schools account or an individual TpT account to purchase resources?

July 28, 2018

Did you know that there are two different ways to make purchases through Teachers Pay Teachers?

 » Order through an individual account

» Order through a TpT for Schools account

So what's the difference? And why might it benefit you to purchase through the TpT for Schools platform? Carissa and Leanne from the TpT for Schools team joined me for a Facebook LIVE in the SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration group to make sure that SOMOS teachers are leveraging the benefits of this fairly new platform. (Search #TpTforSchools in the group to find the LIVE!)

Share TpT for Schools with your administrator! To begin the conversation, click here!

Register for TpT for Schools to make it easier for your school to buy you the resources you want from Teachers Pay Teachers!

Here's how TpT for Schools works:

  1. Your school creates an account--FREE! (Click here to refer your administrator)
  2. Your school creates teacher sub-accountsand/or links existing teacher accounts to the school account
  3. Your school purchases resources
  4. Your school assigns resources to linked teacher accounts
  5. You access resources purchased by the school through your own account (you will receive notifications from sellers and be able to download resources whenever you want!)

Here's why TpT for Schools is awesome:

One-click requests: When your account is linked to a TpT for Schools account, you will see a special 'Request' button on every product page. With a simple click, you can send that purchase request to your administrator (and you can add a short message if you choose). No more cumbersome purchase orders! All the information your Admin needs to make their decision and complete a purchase order is right there for them. Access to updates: In the past, the purchasing officer at a school would create a TpT account and then make all purchases for teachers at the school through their own account. Which seems all fine and dandy...except that admin is the only person that can download resources and receive notifications about updates! With TpT for schools, the teachers that are actually using the materials will be able to download their assigned resources whenever, wherever they want through their own account. And when sellers update a product--the teacher will receive the notification email and be able to download it right away! Migrate previous purchases: Has your school already made purchases through an admin account or by approval through your account? No problem! When your admin sets up their account, they will work with the TpT for Schools team to migrate all previous purchases to the TpT for Schools account so that the admin can manage resource assignment, and teachers can access updates seamlessly. Everything in one place: When your school sets up their TpT for Schools account, you will be able to migrate your existing personal account to the new platform--but don't worry! Any purchases that you have made for yourself will remain YOURS. You will be able to access both school purchases and personal purchases in the same place. Funded accounts: Your school can pre-load money into their TpT account. When you submit a request to your school, they can process the purchase immediately using the funds that are available into the account. Goodbye, purchase order processing wait period! Consider creating a line item in your school's upcoming budget just for TpT to make it easier for you to get the resources that you need, faster. School TpT library: Teachers will be able to access the school TpT library; they will be able to see all of the resources that the school has purchased, across content areas and levels! You can see the kinds of things that other teachers in the school are using, and you can request an additional license for yourself with a single click!

Create your TpT for Schools account today!

Who is using TpT for Schools?

Despite being a fairly new platform, over 4,300 schools have already created a FREE TpT for Schools account: Over 4300 schools are registered for TpT for Schools. Start the conversation with your admin today! Teachers Pay Teachers an approved vendor in some of the largest school districts in the country. Has your admin been hesitant to approve TpT as a vendor? The TpT for Schools team works with districts to get Teachers Pay Teachers on the approved vendors list. They will jump through all the hoops for you so that you can focus on what you do best--teaching your students! Some of the largest districts in the country are using TpT for schools. Refer your admin today!

Let your school purchase the resources you need

Times are changing. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars every few years on expensive sets of textbooks! When you purchase a resource from Teachers Pay Teachers, you get to keep it forever. When a teacher-author makes a change or an update to the resource, you get access to the resource at no additional cost--forever. Your TpT resources are ONE TIME PURCHASES. Here are some resources from my store that administrators have purchased for their teachers through TpT for Schools accounts:

Check out this Pinterest board for more ideas:

Start the conversation with your school admin today!

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