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Order Student Workbooks for Somos Year 1

February 18, 2024

Somos student workbooks are now available for Year 1!

We are SO excited to announce this new resource. If you teach in a school that limits photocopying, this could be just what you need!

The Somos 1 Units 1-9 workbook contains all* student printables from Units 1-9 plus the supplemental resources that come in the curriculum bundle (ex: Qué te gusta, Qué hora es, etc.). You will only need to print assessments, song lyrics, and whole-class activities (things like Running Dictation posters).

To use this workbook, you will still need to own the curriculum. This is simply an alternative to printing student worksheets on demand while teaching each unit.

Check out some of the features of the new workbook!

Need a digital preview? Please email [email protected], and be sure to list all email addresses that need preview access.


How much do they cost?

$25 per workbook. If you need help justifying the cost to your administrator, consider calculating how many photocopies you are making. The cost of the workbook will likely be very comparable!

Can I order fewer than 25 copies?

Not at this time

Is there a bulk discount available?

Not at this time

Is there a workbook for Year 2, Year 3, or French?

Not yet, but if there is demand we will absolutely compile them!

Can I request a preview?

Yes, check out the video and email [email protected] to request a preview. No physical previews are available at this time.

What if I already purchased the curriculum?

Curriculum purchase is required to be able to use this workbook. This workbook does not replace the curriculum; it replaces the need to make so many photocopies on a weekly basis: the copies are already made for you in the workbook. If you have a limited photocopy budget but more funds available elsewhere (such as a textbooks budget or student supplies allotment), this workbook might be a better fit for you than making copies on demand.

What if it's cheaper for me to just make my own copies?

Great! It sounds like you don't need this workbook. We are so glad that the digital Somos files allow you to have a top curriculum at a budget price.


For purchasing questions, contact our printer, Xanedu, directly via their website.

Please direct all other questions to [email protected].

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