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Workshop in Ripon WI, April 2024

January 21, 2024

This coming April, The Comprehensible Classroom is headed to Wisconsin for a 2-day introductory workshop on Teaching and Assessing for Acquisition.

The transition away from teaching language courses based on a traditional grammar syllabus requires a shift in thinking as well as a shift in instruction and assessment practice. In this workshop, attendees will consider both the theoretical basis for Acquisition Driven, Comprehension Based™ teaching and assessment and its practical application. Attendees will explore these concepts through a combination of interactive demonstrations and relevant lecture.

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What to Expect from Teaching and Assessing for Acquisition

The Comprehensible Classroom offers this workshop several times per year in various regions of the US. It is the best way for teachers to build a foundational understanding that of Acquisition Driven Instruction! As a result of this 2-day, in-person workshop, attendees will:

  • UNDERSTAND the role of input and developmental order in language acquisition.
  • EXPERIENCE most of a unit plan as a learner through interactive demonstrations.
  • SELECT learning activities and language that are optimized for language acquisition and teacher prep/energy levels.
  • IDENTIFY skills that support student comprehension in the target language.
  • UNDERSTAND the role of assessments and grading to report proficiency based performance grades.
  • CHOOSE the grading tools and solutions that are most appropriate for their context. 
  • FEEL confident that instructional decisions are backed by experience, expertise, and understanding of language acquisition. 
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Event information

Teaching and Assessing for Acquisition will be held at Ripon High School in Ripon, Wisconsin. We are full of gratitude for the partnership and support of Marta Yedinak and her district in hosting this training in order to provide low-cost training to area teachers.

DATES: April 20-21, 2024

INVESTMENT: $149 (plus optional Graduate Credit fee)

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