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News articles in Spanish from Summer 2018

July 31, 2018

What are you most excited about using in class this coming year?? What is your plan for helping your students to better communicate in the target language? What resources, ideas, and strategies have you learned about this summer and are dying to implement?

Guess what?

I’ve got a recommendation—

News you can use

Maris Hawkins and I have teamed up to bring back the weekly subscription to El Mundo en tus manos. Not familiar? Each week, Maris and I scour authentic news sources from Spanish-speaking countries around the world to find important stories, endearing stories, inspiring stories, heartbreaking stories…stories that your students want to read! Click here to subscribe today.

Each week, we select FIVE stories and summarize them in easy-to-read Spanish. We have shared stories about politicians, inventors, fashion designers, athletes, animals, food and dining, science and engineering, crime, language, art, celebrations, natural disasters, and more!

» Weekly subscription (5 articles in your inbox every Monday) - 37 issues total

» Bi-weekly subscription (5 articles in your inbox every other Monday) - 19 issues total

Maris and I do the hard work to curate articles and research stories so that you can confidently share current events with your students, knowing that the information is accurate and unbiased.

Try before you buy

Need to get a feel for the level of difficulty of the articles? We have put together a FREE Summer 2018 edition, just in time for you to preview and make a decision to purchase before the Back to School sale ends on Thursday evening. 

Click here to get your FREE issue! El mundo en tus manos is a weekly news publication featuring top stories from the Spanish speaking world, summarized in easy to understand Spanish for language learners. You'll see when you open the summer issue that Maris and I are experimenting with a one-page digest version of the articles. Let us know what you think!

How to use the articles

Convinced that these articles would benefit your students but not sure how to use them? Here are some ideas from me and here are some ideas from Maris.

There are three different ways that you can approach using news articles in your Spanish classes: students read alone with no task to complete, class reads together, or students read and have to complete task.


This year, we will also include a few additional resources to use in class. You can use these as extension activities or with upper level classes. Below you will find examples of resources that Maris put together for you to consider using to supplement the articles.

  • Video of Lorena Ramírez running through México: This video has subtitles and could easily be explained to intermediate low and above. You could also use the introduction with novice low students as a MovieTalk.
  • Infographic on how junk food affects your body: This infographic could be used with intermediate mid students to discuss the effects of junk food. For a novice mid level student (and up), you could have students look at the offers on this Chilean supermarket and pick out items that would have the new labels.
  • Twitter from María Salguero: You can choose a few tweets from María based on the level of your students. Some of her shorter tweets would be understood by novice mid students and others could be used for students with a higher proficiency level.
  • Video of Real Madrid celebrating their victory: This video has very few words, but it would be a fun MovieTalk.
  • Infographics on immigration to the US:  This chart would be easy for any level Spanish student to understand due to the high number of cognates. This infographic discusses the children who have migrated. Different parts of the infographic would be accessible to all different proficiency levels. These charts would be useful for intermediate low and above.
  • Ángela Ponce is announced Miss Spain 2018! This video is long, but the announcement starts at 7:10.

Feed Forward

At the iFLT Coaching for Coaches workshop led by Teri Wiechart and Michelle Kindt, they spoke a lot about "Feed Forward"--and Maris and I would love your "Feed Forward" to make sure that your experience using El mundo en tus manos this year is the best one yet. What kinds of articles do you want to see more of? What supporting resources will help you to use the issues with confidence?

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The TpT Sitewide sale is Tuesday, August 21!  

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