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Is there a magic pill for language learning?

August 1, 2018

If you're looking for the magic resource that will make your students learn Spanish, have fun, and love your class--it doesn't exist. But you know what does exist? YOU! YOU are the magic that will help your students learn Spanish. YOU are the magic that will allow your students to enjoy the journey. YOU can design a class and a space that your students love and in which they feel safe. YOU are what your students need--YOU! With all of your imperfections, all of your bad days, everything. But maybe YOU are not so sure that you have that magic; maybe you are not feeling so magical. Maybe YOU are in need of a little fairy dust to awaken the magic within. It just so happens that I have the recipe for fairy dust: comprehensible input is fairy dust for language learners = it lets their brains learn language involuntarily That's right: Comprehensible Input is fairy dust for language leaners (and Annabelle is obviously the Queen Fairy Princess. Obviously!).

When your students listen to or read meaningful language that they understand, language acquisition happens. That's it! Our brains are designed to learn language--we just have to give them input: the right kind of input.

If you are looking for the right kind of input for your students, I have tons of input for you to choose from. As you are shopping the TpT Sitewide Sale today and tomorrow (save 25% with coupon code BTSFRESH), look for resources that...

» will be INTERESTING to your students

» will be UNDERSTANDABLE to your students

» will allow you to CONNECT with your students

Here are some resources that other teachers have found to be the just-right-amount-of-magic fairy dust for their students:   What resources (materials and training) have helped give you the magic you need to help your students acquire language? Comprehensible input is fairy dust that allows language learners to fly!

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