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Remote teaching resources for Spanish

January 10, 2022

Whether your school is facing a temporary return to remote learning or you are trying to provide materials for your students to complete while quarantined or YOU are quarantining at home and in need of fast sub plans, we have materials to support you.

We sorted through all of our products and identified the ones that will help you most in these different scenarios. Browse our clickable Digital Product Catalog to see all the resources in one place!

Remote Learning Curriculum

Over the last two years, we have published many resources that are optimized for remote learning. Most notably, the Somos Flex Curriculum is digital-ready, and can flex between classroom and virtual instruction. It also includes print packets that you can leave with a sub or send home with quarantined students for no-prep lessons.

Our Spanish, French, and LatinFLEX materials are all on sale!!

Holidays and Celebrations

We created many digital resources for holidays and celebrations that fall during the school year. Here are some highlights:

Teaching ideas for many different scenarios

Blog post by Maris Hawkins

This blog post from Maris Hawkins, who is a co-author of El mundo en tus manos, rounds up many tools and teaching ideas that can be used to tackle some of the problems you are facing this January. These include remote learning, providing instruction for absent students, and shifting instruction to teaching with super small class sizes.

Read the post now »

Asynchronous Teaching Resources

In addition to complete lesson plans, we have also created many resources that can be assigned to students to complete on their own, asynchronously. There are many listed in our Digital Products Catalog, and here are some of my favorites:

Storybuilder PLUS - Forms Edition

Created by Paulino Brener, these resources that live in Google Forms will keep your students busy for days! Send each form to your students, and they will be able to create a story by reading and making choices as they go along. At the end, they will watch a video of their unique story and listen to Paulino read it to them! They can work through the form as many times as they want, each time choosing a new path through the plot and ending up with a different version of the story.

Muñecos de nieve

This fun seasonal resource is a favorite among teachers this time of year, and it is now available in French, English, AND Spanish! The paper can be printed for classroom use, or you can use interactive Google Slides presentation to complete it in a synchronous virtual setting.

Daily Check-Ins

These digital check-ins are a great way to stay connected to your students when you are not seeing each other in person each day. Our Spanish check-in is a top-seller, and we just published the French check-in!

Read and respond materials

31 mujeres que debes conocer

Last year, I collaborated with Nelly Hughes to write and share 31 biographies of diverse women from throughout history.

These biographies are available as Google Slides readings and include prompts for students to respond to what they are reading each day!

Perfect for Women's History Month or anytime!

El mundo en tus manos brings you easy Spanish lessons with the news in Spanish

El mundo en tus manos is a bi-weekly news publication that brings you current events from the Spanish speaking world. Each issue features 5 articles that are written at 3 different levels of text complexity each, plus digital-ready reading assignments and whole-class activities.

Subscribe now for instant access to the 11 issues that have already been published (which includes 66 text-based digital assignments!), plus access to all issues that will be published for the remainder of the school year.


When school first closed in March 2020, we shared a set of resources that teachers could use to instantly create 2 weeks of lesson plans. These materials will still work today!

All you need is the reading choice board (download it from this post) and some reading materials. There are many on Revista Literal, and we have discounted all current and past subscriptions to El mundo en tus manos to make it easy for you to get a giant stack of texts!

All past subscriptions are just $5-$10 for as many as 100 articles per subscription!!


Garbanzo is the EASIEST way for you to support Spanish students with remote learning! We have over 1000 stories and informational texts in Spanish, with lessons that are a good fit for all levels of proficiency!

The Premium Subscription level gives you audio for ALL lessons, self-paced/automated lesson assignment via paths, and a free reading Biblioteca that allows students to choose the texts that they read and read them as many times as they want!

Aa free trial will give you 30 days of access at no cost!

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