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Transform your Teaching Practices at Acquisition Academy in Dallas

February 14, 2024

Acquisition Academy is a transformative training event for language teachers, featuring three days of interactive demonstrations, application activities, and connection. Join us this June in Dallas, Texas for a workshop that is certain to impact your career.

Read what 2023 Acquisition Academy graduates had to say:

Your instructors will be Elicia Cárdenas, Martina Bex, and a team of experienced  coaches. This three-day workshop on Acquisition Driven Instruction is designed to get you up and running with inspiration, practical tools, and the skills you need to implement Acquisition Driven Instruction in the 2024-2025 school year.

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Teach for Acquisition.

At The Comprehensible Classroom, we are all about Acquisition Driven Instruction. This means that we support teachers in moving toward a more implicit model of language teaching. Instead of teaching students about a language (its words and its forms), we are focused on using the language communicatively in class in a way that is optimized for their brains to process so that their proficiency grows naturally.

Here’s what you can expect from Acquisition Academy:

Day 1: Introduction to Acquisition

The first day of the workshop will be focused on building a foundational knowledge of the what, why, and how of teaching for acquisition.

Day 2: Introduction to Assessment

Take a deep dive into standards-based assessment practices for a comprehension based classroom, and delve into grading practices that increase motivation, decrease bias, and promote equity.

Day 3: Classroom Cooperation, Engagement, and Differentiation

Get practical strategies for classroom engagement and cooperation in an acquisition driven classroom plus ideas for differentiation that can be applied to many lessons.

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Bonus Feature: Skills Lab

What sets Acquisition Academy apart? The Comprehensible Classroom believes that trying out the ideas you are learning about with the support of an affirming coach is one of the most impactful and empowering ways for teachers to make big changes in their classroom. For that reason, a team of instructional coaches will join us for the Academy, and attendees will have the opportunity to try out their new skills with carefully guided activities, led by an expert coach to support and cheer them on in our daily Skills Lab.

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Register now!

Registration is limited to 120 attendees, and the investment is $350.00 plus applicable taxes*. Unfortunately, we cannot hold registration spots—if you want your school to send you to this workshop, ask your admin now! Email us if you need a syllabus or other supporting documentation.

Registration includes daily workshop admission, lunch, materials, and instructional coaching for the three days of the Academy.

Graduate Credits are available for an additional cost through a partner institution.

*If you are tax-exempt, please contact [email protected] for registration instructions and payment.  

Is this the right workshop for you?

If you are new to Acquisition Driven Instruction, yes! Acquisition Academy is for you.

If you use The Somos Curriculum or one of the other language curricula from The Comprehensible Classroom and have never received formal training, yes! Acquisition Academy is you. We do not provide curriculum-specific training at this workshop; however, the ideas that we share form the foundation of a successful experience teaching with our curriculum.

If you DON’T use The Somos Curriculum or one of the other language curricula from The Comprehensible Classroom and have never received formal training, yes! Acquisition Academy is you. This workshop is not a curriculum-specific workshop.

If you are experienced in Acquisition Driven Instruction and have been trained before, Acquisition Academy may not be for you.

See you in Dallas!

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