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El Mes de la Hispanidad 20 Latinos Notables Cover 3385387 1

Short biographies for Hispanic Heritage Month

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
48 Pages
Google Drive

This product contains very simple biographies in Spanish of 23 notable latinos in the US (originally, 20- but 3 have been added). Each biography lists:

  •  the profession of the person, 
  • where they are from (state if from the US or country if born outside the US), 
  • and to which Spanish-speaking country the person or their family is from. 

In the case that the person’s profession is not a Spanish-English cognate, a translation of the profession is provided on the slide (ex: abogado - lawyer).

How to use this resource

The product contains suggested uses. My personal recommendation is to post the biographies throughout the school and use as a school-wide BINGO game. Using it as a school-wide activity will draw attention to Hispanic Heritage Month and serve as a recruiting tool for your program. Students that are not already in your classes will be amazed at how much they can understand in Spanish without ever having taken a class because the short readings are almost entirely written with cognates and proper nouns!

What is included

The product also contains 40 unique 5x5 BINGO cards with descriptions in English that match the biographies.

Both full-color and Blackline versions of each biography are included. The product is a downloadable PDF that contains a clickable link to a Google Drive folder that houses Slides versions of all biographies as well as fixed PDFs, plus all resources for the Bingo game.


  1. Sonia Sotomayor
  2. Tony Romo
  3. Carolina Herrera
  4. John Leguizamo
  5. Jo Quesada
  6. Ellen Ochoa
  7. Geraldo Rivera
  8. Mari Carmen Ramírez
  9. Alberto Gonzales
  10. Martina Arroyo
  11. Dolores Huerta
  12. Franklin Chang-Díaz
  13. Christy Turlington
  14. César Chávez
  15. José Gomez
  16. Cristina Saralegui
  17. Antonia Novello
  18. Oscar de la Hoya
  19. Govind Armstrong
  20. Carlos Bustamente
  21. America Ferrera
  22. Alex Rodríguez
  23. Luis Palau
  • We are a school with a bilingual classroom at every grade level. I put these up around our school during Hispanic Heritage month and we had a blast. Some bilingual classrooms paired up with monolingual classrooms - other monolingual classrooms had their students do it on their own to show how much they could infer through the use of cognates. It was HUGE hit! Could you maybe update with a few more current persons of note?? Some of the people like Geraldo Rivera, DeLaHoya, etc. were not very well know to our K-5-ers. Thanks for a fun activity!

    Leadia J.
  • I introduced one person each class day and I had students translate the information. I know that students remembered a few of the Hispanics because they used them in their country research as one of their famous people.

    Aileen F.
  • I love this resource! It is informative, colorful, and extremely comprehensible. There are also so many ways you can use it. Gracias!

    Lindsey M.
  • I used this during the month of September. I used the readings as a campanada. It's well done and very comprehensible for beginning learners.

    Anne G.
  • Great resource for early in the school year when staying in the target language can be challenging. My students enjoy this and I plan to use it every year. :)

    Deanna M.

20 latinos notables | SPANISH


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