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A film-based summative exam 

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Advanced (Levels 4-AP)
21 Pages

This non-conventional summative assessment works with the short film "Alma" by Rodrigo Blaas. It was designed as a midterm assessment to be administered over two days. It includes past tense verbs, so it is appropriate for Spanish II, and many teachers that follow the SOMOS 2 Curriculum use it as their midterm. The teacher will need to show the short film to their students during the administration of the exam.


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The exam features reading, writing, listening, and speaking components, as well as an answer key and complete instructions for administration. There are five different rubrics for the writing and speaking assessments. Both PDF and editable Word documents are included, although the Word document formatting may be difficult to work with. We recommend using the print-ready PDF!

Ratones in casa is a free reading that pre-teaches some of the structures contained in this exam. 

  • There are several rubrics for the writing so that you can pick one appropriate for you. Also, there are two versions of the cloze: one with word bank and another without. SUPER helpful.

    Diane V.
  • I've used Alma as a final exam and a stand alone supplemental unit. Both approaches have been a success in the class, students are engaged all while acquiring or demonstrating acquisition.

    Alma R.
  • Used this with my Spanish 3 class . It met our needs and the students were engaged. I particularly liked that there were multiple versions of some of the exam tasks so I could easily differentiate.

    Mary C.
  • I loved this resource. First I bought because I wasn’t sure how to create an exam in a ci based language classroom. After having this resource I have an idea. This is a great resource I would have never come up with the idea of using a short film for assessment.

    Elvan D.
  • This was an incredible resource to help scaffold a lesson on the preterite and the imperfect with the film! My students loved the film, and they were able to show their comprehension with this assessment—thank you, Martina! I will be coming back to this time and again.

    Adriel R.

Alma Exam


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