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The complete bundle of readings and activities to facilitate watching the movie in class. 

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Multi level

This bundle contains resources to help your students explore the culture in COCO in Spanish class.


Day 1 Complete COCO Antes de ver activities

Day 2 Watch COCO 0:00-25:00

Day 3 Complete COCO stations activities

Day 4 Watch COCO 25:00-57:40

Day 5 Play COCO The Unfair Game

Day 6 Watch COCO 57:40-end

Days 7-8+ Choose favorite scene with voting bracket

  • My students always enjoy stations! I loved that these stations are all about the movie COCO! Great resource!

    Denee A.
  • This is absolutely a perfect accompaniment to the movie Coco. It helped my focus in on what to cover with my kids and I loved the activities! Thank you.

    Melissa F.
  • Wonderful resource to go along with the movie! Most kids have seen the movie by now, but adding in these readings and activities helps the kids understand certain cultural aspects of the movie.

    Katie H.
  • My students always want to watch Coco, and this provided a way to actually get some language input out of the movie.

    Pamela L.
  • So many great options to use after watching the movie to make this a great cultural experience!

    Stress Less Señorita
  • This was a great resource and I was able to use it while I was sick and my students were in person learning. It held them accountable and was a great way to end the movie. 

    Senora Ziegler
  • The students loved the unfair game. At first they were frustrated, but after they got the hang of it they really enjoyed it. No I try to incorporate one in every unit.

    Caitlin Sanford
  • Since students are always looking for ways not to do any work. By having them know there will be follow-up activities and getting into a healthy competition, students have no choice but to engage. These resources, as always, are wonderful!

    Laura Shible
  • Love the idea of giving them a pre-viewing guide as well as guided notes during. 

  • My students love it. This is the second time I have used it and it has been truly engaging.

    Ana Jimenez
  • Excellent end-of-year activity. The stations were great and the kids really enjoyed it.

    Jennifer D.

COCO Bundle

$12.00 $16.00
$12.00 $16.00

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