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A legend told in Spanish that highlights present tense forms of "ir"

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
45 Pages
4+ days

This four-day cultural unit will introduce your students to the legend of the Silbón and expose students to present tense forms of the verb "ir" (voy, vas, va, vamos, van--vais is not included). The unit is designed for novice Spanish students before the end of the first semester. Instead of providing students with notes and traditional grammar practice, this unit helps students acquire the forms of the verb "ir" as they read them many times in context. The file includes:

  • a 20-page, projectable reading in Spanish that is an original, parallel story to the legend of the Silbón
  • several post-reading activities
  • a 1-page reading in Spanish that explains the legend of El Silbón
  • post-reading comprehension activities
  • a series of activities to compare and contrast the two stories
  • daily warm-ups
  • answer keys
  • detailed lesson plans

This unit was written using vocabulary from Units 1-9 of the «Somos» curriculum for Spanish 1. All other non-cognates are footnoted in the readings (13 footnotes total). In Unit 9, students learn about El Cucuy.

  • Such a fun and interesting unit! Thank you so much for your creativity and your dedication to creating comprehensible input for students everywhere! 

    Amanda Greene
  • My students absolutely loved this unit. What 7th graders wouldn't be engaged with a story that involves murdering parents haha! 

    Jennifer K.
  • This was awesome to incorporate to my class. My students enjoyed learning about this and thank you for the amount of detail you put in this lesson!! It is greatly appreciated!

    Gabrielle C.
  • My students loved this unit! Very engaging yet also reinforced important grammar structures and vocabulary. Definitely worth using! 

    Abbey Allison
  • Great readings that I used with my heritage students and they were totally engaged!! I have also used parts of this unit with my Spanish I students and they liked it as well. Excellent resources included. The variety of materials helps to reach all learners. 

    Karen W.

El Silbón


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