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Fast Finishers | Pack D | Spanish

Logic puzzles, stories, wordokus, and more!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
27 Pages

This activity pack includes 15 worksheets suitable for early to mid Spanish 1 and beyond that can be used either as Fast Finisher worksheets (for students that complete work quickly and need something to keep them busy) or as sub plan fillers. 13/15 activities are reading-based.


How to implement a Fast Finisher system in your class

  • Fast finishers are my favorite thing! they are a little advanced and build on the SOMOS curriculum so if you use SOMOS these will be perfect for you

    Marcela Casco
  • I use these as extension activities with all of my classes for them to get extra credit - they are great to provide for students that do the normal work load quickly and work great to extend learning for lower levels and to add review to upper levels

    Amber W.
  • This is an amazing resource. I have been giving these to students who complete assessments, while others are still working. There is a great variety of activities, and students appreciate being able to choose those that interest them. They range from logic puzzles in Spanish to illustrating stories in Spanish. They are very engaging, and students love them!

    Gail M.
  • So grateful for these activities, I've always struggled to keep up with my fast finishers but these make it so simple to keep them thinking!

    Emily T.
  • These fast finisher packets have saved me so much time and energy.

    Jessica Savarese

Fast Finishers | Pack D | Spanish


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