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Fast Finishers | Pack A | Spanish

Logic puzzles, stories, wordokus, and more!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
26 Pages

This activity pack includes 15 worksheets suitable for EARLY Spanish 1 and beyond that can be used either as Fast Finisher worksheets (for students that complete work quickly and need something to keep them busy) or as sub plan fillers. The activity pack focuses on family vocabulary, food, and colors, along with the verbs "tiene" and "le gusta".


How to implement a Fast Finisher system in your class

  • Lots of activities included! These made perfect emergency sub plans. I would just leave them in my sub folder in case I couldn't make sub plans.

    Katie H.
  • Awesome resource, my students loved it and I used it for extra credit for my earlier finishers.

    Rachael C.
  • Especially helpful when you have a class with only one student who seems to be ahead of the others, but has a definite interest in the language!

    Laureen D.
  • This has been one of my favorite purchases! I have been able to use a lot of the resources included here for our "Family" unit and they are such great practice!! But what's nice is that they are easy to use as a "stand alone" too! Perfect for a Sub as well, I always have some ready to hand out.

    Karen W.
  • I LOVE LOGIC PUZZLES! Asking students to do logical reasoning tasks in the target language accesses a different part of their brain. I like to think that when we do these puzzles, I'm actually preparing my students to be able to handle a stressful situation in the target language. I can't back that with science, but asking students to think is always a wonderful thing!

    Kristin V.

Fast Finishers | Pack A | Spanish


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