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Introductions reading worksheet for French 1 or 2

Je te présente reading worksheet for practicing introductions in French

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
8 Pages
30 minutes

This is the perfect worksheet to use in class or for homework during the first week of school for French 1 or French 2: versions of the worksheets are provided in both present and past tenses.

The only vocabulary kids need to know is C'est, un garçon/une fille, s'appelle, and aime. On the first page, students read three biographies and sketch the characters. Then, they answer questions about them. On the second page, kids read CLOZE style biographies of three famous people and fill in the blanks. Then, they choose one to translate. Finally, they draw a picture of a friend and write his or her biography, modeled after the ones on these two pages.

  • Great resource! My 8th graders understood it easily.

    Sheri Higgins
  • This was great for my exploratory language course.

    Elizabeth S.
  • Really helps having some prepared activities I can use with my students to start using the language right away. Saves me so much time!

    Crafting a French Blend
  • I found this resource very helpful. My Grade 8 students were able to practice reading comprehension and feel successful!

    Liliana P.
  • My students found the input engaging and the task was completed as a class and led to some good discussion.

    Tierra G.

Introductions reading worksheet for French 1 or 2


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