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Reading and activities centered around colors

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
9 Pages

This activity contains a notes page AND two versions of a reading that exposes students to color words and "wears". The reading is in Spanish but includes an editable English version that can be translated to the language that you teach. It also contains seven comprehension questions for the reading.

After introducing the colors to students through personalized conversation (described in detail in the lesson plans), students will read the story and color in the eleven characters' clothing based on the information found in the reading. Lesson plans and an answer key are included, as well as suggestions for three additional (free) activities around the Web.

  • I appreciated the listening comprehension aspect of this resource and my middle schoolers LOVED coloring! It was engaging, yet comprehensible, even for my novice learners. Great repetition of vocabulary and extension activities.

    Susanna S.
  • Love this resource! I use it with my 6th grade Exploratory Class to practice colors! I like to read the story out loud, while also showing it on the screen, as the students color in their worksheet. It would also be a good plan to use with a substitute, if you've already done some color practice!

    Laura M.
  • Students enjoy the basic color vocab but the reading and associated activities takes it to next level and brings in some grammar. Gracias

    Michelle Foster
  • Fabulous resource. My students loved it and even though we were focusing on colors, they got a healthy dose of clothing vocabulary too!

    Jennifer McClaflin
  • I love all the resources from The Comprehensible Classroom! This resource not only teaches the colors in Spanish but supports language acquisition beyond vocabulary. Students are always of how much they understand!

    Carolina C.

Los colores


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