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Simple Sentences Game Pack | Somos 1 Units 1-5

3 interpretive games to play with contextualized vocabulary

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
60 Pages

Translation-based games are an easy way to scaffold reading and listening comprehension for your students as they first encounter new words.

This Simple Sentences game pack is designed to help your students interpret the Core Vocabulary from Somos 1 Units 1-5 in context (5 sets total). Each set includes:

  • 12 sentences that use the Core Vocabulary for the unit
  • Materials and instructions for three games (Arcoíris (by Nelly Hughes), Seis, and Fan N Pick)

5 x 3 = 15 games total are included in this pack! Each set of materials is a PDF.

How to use these games 

Use all three games as you begin each unit, or choose ONE of the three games to play in each unit in order to create variety for your students.

The game materials can also be repurposed as a homework assignment or absent work for students that miss class toward the beginning of the unit.

Not using The Somos Curriculum? No problem!

These game sets feature high frequency vocabulary that students can use to communicate in any context, no matter what curriculum you are following!


  • So much prep done for me so that I can implement into my classroom immediately! Thank you! My students LOVED thee séis activity as a quick review in our first few classes of the year!

    Sarah M.
  • This is such a great investment! Sometimes I like to switch up my somos activities and this puzzle pack is great for that!

    Marissa H.
  • I LOVE THIS RESOURCE!!!!! It's so versatile, with multiple games for each unit, all using the same structures. I have used it as review after the units, and during the units as fun reinforcement activities. My students enjoy all of the activities and never seem to be bored by them.

    Wendy B.
  • These games are GOLD!!! I absolutely love the way they support and align with what they’ve learned in each unit!

    Karen B.
  • Game kept my students very engaged. It is a lot of fun and students asked if they could play it again tomorrow. I like how they have to be able to read, comprehend and write in the target language.

    Staci B.
  • I love that you can use different activities for each unit. You are able to choose from 3 different activities. We recently used the Seis activity and the students loved it.

    Rosio R.
  • This is the best resource ever for those who use the SOMOS curriculum!!! The clip art correlates to each chapter, the game options are fantastic, and kids absolutely love it!

    Joelle T.
  • I love having these as FUN options for incorporating more learning into each unit - it's so simple and fun. Great option when we're having a slow day and need to shake things up.

    Megan C.
  • Love these resources. My students love the "seis" game so much. Thank you so much for such fun activities.

    Keren C.
  • I loved having these extra fun activities to add to my Somos curriculum. I also created a Running Dictation using the sentences included in each unit. My students really enjoyed playing these games.

    Luz V.

Simple Sentences Game Pack | Somos 1 Units 1-5


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