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Activities for students to complete independently after reading a text of any length, in print and paperless formats in English

English (ELL/ESL/ELD), Not language specific
Multi level
30 Pages

This bundle contains 25 printable activity worksheets that students can complete with any text. All worksheets are designed for use with texts written in the English language. Print and paperless options.

The bundle includes:

  • 10 worksheets for comprehension (summarizing, character analysis, sequencing, etc.)
  • 5 worksheets for extension and expansion (personal response, connections, etc.)
  • 10 worksheets that generate new activities (students create activities for classmates based on the text: quizzes, puzzles, etc.) - perfect for Literature Circles!

These worksheets are adapted from the Spanish and English versions found in

» Independent Textivities

» MORE Independent Textivities

  • Great different options for students to demonstrate their comprehension. Thank you!

    TJ M.
  • Excellent file for languages! 

    Katherine v.
  • These have saved my life more times than I can explain. 

    Meghan Loveless
  • These are great resources for my ELL students- and a super timesaver for me- I don't have to search out activities for specific books! 

    No Strings Attached
  • I love this resource! Thanks to it I was able to develop wonderful scaffolded activities for my students during this semester. Definitely recommend!

    Lixiao W.

Textivities Reading Worksheets


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