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A scaffolded writing activity with rubrics

Multi level

This product includes instructions and forms for a scaffolded writing activity in which students write for 1 minute, 3 minutes, and finally 10 minutes, each time copying what they wrote in the previous time segment before adding to it. The product includes

  • an aesthetically pleasing PDF version and editable Word version
  • detailed instructions for the activity
  • "language neutral" terminology so that teachers of any language can use the document, even in its PDF form
  • two assignment page options; one for a 'free' write and one to use when a specific topic is assigned
  • five rubric options designed to meet the assessment needs of any ACTFL Proficiency level from Novice Low - Advanced Low
  • a form without rubrics that is intended for use in ELA, Social Studies, and other non World Language courses


  • My students really enjoyed this! It gave them the opportunity to be creative and explore different ideas. It was great to see how excited they got about increasing their word count over the course of several months. 

  • I really liked breaking up my students' free-write into 1/3/10 minutes, and I received a lot of positive feedback from them. Thanks for sharing these forms!

    Nadia C.
  • What a great way to track student progress! They particularly liked how the timer built to get them into writing for longer amounts of time.

    Office S.
  • Love using these in my Spanish classes! I only use them a couple times each year but students are always pleasantly surprised by how much they can write!

    Profe Pistole
  • This is a great resource for free writes! With other resources, kids often say they don't know what to write and just stare at the page but by chunking it like this I found it really lowers the affective filters and got much better writing results. 

    K Adams

Writing Activity: 1-3-10 Free Write


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