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Bingo With Writing Extension and Rubric
Not language specific
Multi level
Google Drive, PDF

Play BINGO with your students, then ask them to choose one row of their words and use the five words that it contains in a free write. Six different rubrics are included, and both a PDF and an editable Google Slides version of the file are included.


  • Excellent resource to utilize in different points of a week/class with students! Students have the flexibility of selecting five words of their choice from their bingo board to create a story. The six rubrics included were a plus and a helpful way for students to monitor their progress.

    Chantal R.
  • One of the most creative activities I've seen. Great resource for free writing with some guidance on what to include. Of course, the students enjoy the game aspect the most!

    Elizabeth M.
  • My students loved this resource as a way to review vocabulary and then use it to write! They enjoyed seeing how many different things they had learned and how they were now able to use them.

    Maria T.
  • My students and I loved this resource. It is very fun/engaging and it can be use with any vocab list. This was definitely a great addition, thank you!!

    Erika B.
  • I am excited to try the Bingo Free Write this year. My students always enjoy Bingo but this adds so much more purpose to the activity and students are not as passive. I am already thinking of all the variations that can be used with the game as well. Thank you for the great resource!

    Ahlona L.

Bingo Free Write


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