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Comparaciones Sentence Bingo

Contextualized sentence bingo featuring comparisons vocabulary in Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
48 Pages

This LOTERÍA game is unlike anything you will buy in a catalog! Instead of hearing isolated words, the teacher reads sentences to students as they search for pictorial representations of the sentence on their LOTERÍA boards. This is a great way to turn a traditional vocabulary game into an input-rich activity. There are five categories for comparing age (es mayor/menor), size (es más/menos grande), height (es más/menos alto), talent (es mejor/peor), and possessions (tiene más/menos).

This game aligns with the Chapters 4-5 of Realidades 1.

40 LOTERÍA boards, 60 cards, and student keys are included for each set.

Here is the complete vocabulary list:

  • es más/menos alto que
  • es más/menos bajo que
  • es tan alto como
  • es más/menos grande que
  • es más/menos pequeño que
  • es tan grande como
  • tiene más/menos [animales] que
  • tiene tantos [animales] como
  • es mayor/menor que
  • es mejor/peor que
  • el hombre
  • la mujer
  • el joven
  • la niña
  • el perro
  • el gato
  • el pez


  • LOVED LOVED LOVED the variety of cards! I made colored copies and laminated each one of them. My students got really into the competition and we used to to do a traditional bingo, a double bingo and a blackout bingo. Thank you!

    Jami Higashi Lee
  • We had a blast using this bingo! The class was really excited and it was an excellent resource to review the comparisons.

    Karla H.
  • So much engagement! Students are very focused listening and the repetition for them is great! Great product for language acquisition!

    Krysti Bowerman
  • It took a little while for the students to adapt to this way of playing Lotto but once they did nearly everyone was focused on the activity. This was great. Thank you.

    Lena M.
  • My students loved this resource and asked to play it daily. I loved hearing them practice their Spanish which is not always the case. 

    Jacqueline Serrano

Comparaciones Sentence Bingo


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